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    Dynamic Microphones

    AKG D40 Dynamic Cardioid Instrument Mic

    MSRP: $129.00

    Your Savings: -$30.00

    PAL Price: $99.00

    Live Sound

    MSRP: $196.00

    Your Savings: -$92.00

    PAL Price: $104.00

    Live Sound
    AUDIO TECHNICA AE6100 main

    MSRP: $289.00

    Your Savings: -$100.00

    PAL Price: $189.00

    E.V. N/D267a Versatile Dynamic Vocal Microphone

    MSRP: $111.00

    Your Savings: -$32.00

    PAL Price: $79.00

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    Quick Hits: Budget Dynamic Mics

    29 hours ago

    SHURE BETA58A Dynamic Microphone Looking for an outstanding dynamic microphone but a little low on funds? Here are a couple of our own personal suggestions for mics that will get you far without leaving you broke!   SHURE BETA58A: You simply can’t mention the Shure BETA 58A without mentioning its very similar and very famous predecessor – the Shure SM58. For those of you unaware, the SM58 is pretty much THE dynamic mic. The next time you ever go to a live concert, there’s a VERY good chance that they are probably using an SM58 since it is essentially the most widely used and seen dynamic mic in the ... Read More

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