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  • Powerful Beauty
    Fender American Standard
    Jaquar® Bass
  • LINE 6
    AMPLIFi 150 and 75
  • JBL 3 Series
    Next Level Powered Monitors


    Dynamic Microphones

    Live Sound
    Audio Technica ATM610a Hypercardioid Dynamic Microphone main

    MSRP: $259.00

    Your Savings: -$110.00

    PAL Price: $149.00

    Live Sound
    AUDIO TECHNICA AE5400 main

    MSRP: $579.00

    Your Savings: -$200.00

    PAL Price: $379.00

    Live Sound
    HEIL SOUND The Fin Dynamic Chrome Vocal Microphone White

    MSRP: $359.00

    Your Savings: -$118.00

    PAL Price: $241.00

    SHURE 565SD-LC

    MSRP: $135.00

    Your Savings: -$18.34

    PAL Price: $116.66

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    Xotic Effects RC Booster Review

    24 hours ago

    Xotic Effects RC Booster Effects Pedal The RC Booster from Xotic Effects is looking to claim a spot on your pedalboard -- but is it worthy? From the AC Plus to the BB Plus, Xotic pedals can be found on some of the most famous pedal boards around. The RC Booster – as in “Really Clean” Booster – is exactly what the name entails; a pedal aimed at boosting your signal strength while maintaining your tone’s fidelity because as we all know, there’s nothing worse than a pedal that kills your tone. It also functions as a moderate overdrive pedal to boot! No wonder why artists such as Brad Paisley and Brent M ... Read More


    Guitar Equipment
    Carl Martin Hot Drive Boost MK III Overdrive OD Distortion Pedal

    MSRP: $299.99

    Your Savings: -$84.39

    PAL Price: $215.60

    Guitar Equipment
    ELECTRO-HARMONIX EHX Next Step Volume Pedal Precision Volume Control face

    MSRP: $117.15

    Your Savings: -$29.25

    PAL Price: $87.90

    Guitar Effects
    JIM DUNLOP DVP1 Volume Pedal

    MSRP: $142.85

    Your Savings: -$42.86

    PAL Price: $99.99

    Guitar Effects
    RADIAL Headbone SS

    MSRP: $350.00

    Your Savings: -$90.01

    PAL Price: $259.99

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