BEYER DYNAMIC DTX 101iE In-Ear Headphones

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BEYER DYNAMIC DTX 101iE In-Ear Headphones

BEYER DYNAMIC DTX 101iE In-Ear Headphones

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In-Ear-Headphone with three different pairs of ear-pieces.


The DTX 101 iE headphone combines superb sound quality and elegant design with excellent ambient noise attenuation, for a truly spectacular listening experience. Powerful Neodymium acoustic drivers deliver a punchy audio performance, which belie the DTX 101 iE’s compact dimensions. Comes supplied with a high quality soft case for easy storage.


• Crystal clear, striking sound
• Neodymium HD acoustic drivers
• Refined lightweight metal housing
• Soft case included
• With three different pairs of ear-pieces


Technical data:

Transmission type: Wired
Headphone design (operating principle): Closed
Headphone impedance: 12 ohms


Also known as nominal impedance. The impedance is the AC resistance of the coils of loudspeakers and headphones in ohms. Since impedance depends on the frequency, it is always specified at a frequency of one kilohertz.

Headphone frequency response: 10 - 23,000 Hz

The frequency response specifies the highest and lowest frequencies reproduced by the acoustic transducer of the headphones.

Nominal sound pressure level: 102 dB

The (nominal) sound pressure level is the pressure in pascals (Pa) with which the air and the eardrum are caused to vibrate, better known as the volume. The sound pressure level is therefore a measure of the volume of a set of headphones under standardized conditions. However, it says nothing about whether the distortion is low and the sound is good at such a high volume.

Construction: In-ear headphones
Sound coupling to the ear. A differentiation is made between supraaural headphones, circumaural headphones and in-ear headphones.

Cable & plug: Stereo jack plug 3.5 mm (1/8")
Net weight without packaging: 11 g

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