EGNATER Silversmith Distortion Boost Guitar Effects Pedal DEMO

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EGNATER Silversmith Distortion Boost Guitar Effects Pedal DEMO

EGNATER Silversmith Pure Analog Distortion & Boost Guitar Effects Pedal DEMO

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The Silversmith is a 100% pure analog, two-in-one distortion and boost pedal. The high gain distortion section boasts an extremely responsive tone control along with the gain and volume knobs to deliver a vast array of seriously saturated tones.


Contour allows you to accurately sculpt the critical mid range frequencies. Egnater's signature tight switch provides control of the essential low frequencies. The boost section is versatile and intuitive.


Set the pedal for an ultra clean boost or dial in the perfect amount of grit. Drive tapers the amount of gain in your boost while color shapes the overall tone and brightness. Tight controls the overall low frequency response.


The patch switch selects the order of the distortion and boost. Patch jacks on the rear panel allow you to separate the overdrive and boost into two individual parts.


Features include

  • Contour knob and switch to control mid range cut or boost. Select between 2 different frequencies for wide range of tone options.
  • The drive control in the boost section frees you to dial in just the right amount of grit
  • The Patch switch allows you to select the signal chain order of your preference
  • Separate boost and overdrive into two totally separate pedals with additional pedal jacks
  • Low battery LED monitor with increasing flashing as the voltage drop
  • Automatic bypass coupled with High quality sealed relay "true bypass" switching circuits for uninterrupted performance if battery voltage becomes too weak for proper operation


    Boost Section

    • Level Control
    • Color Knob +/-9dB @ 2.5kHz Passive
    • Tight switch -6dB/octave roll off @ 110hz
    • Drive controls level of "grit"

      Distortion Section

      • Volume and gain controls
      • Tone control +/-8dB @ 2 2KHz passive
      • Tight switch -6dB/octave roll off @ 110Hz
      • Contour control with frequency select switch
      • Switch down: +/-12dB @ 400hz Active
      • Switch up: +/-12dB @ 1KHz Active

        Patch Select Switch

      • O>B = Overdrive before boost
      • B>O = Boost before overdrive
      • With the boost after the distortion, the boost becomes a volume/solo boost for the distortion
      • Put the boost before the distortion for even more foot switchable drive and compression

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