Genzler is proud to present the next generation of Genzler amplification.

Genzler first started the company with a vision, and a passion, in a garage in Phoenix, Arizona. As professional musician for more than a decade, Genlzer saw a need for smart, reliable, amplification systems that made strategic advancements to the form.

His wife Catherine and him, and their dedicated team, built the company and delivered exceptional products and support, worked closely with inspiring and talented people, and earned a global reputation for innovative designs and superior quality.

Genzler is building smart, pure, innovative bass amps and cabinets. They're proud to have our longtime engineer, Scott Andres, as an important part of their team. They have strong relationships with trusted craftspeople, suppliers, and retailers around the world.

Catherine and him now live in Brooklyn, close to family. They're becoming part of their community, giving a percentage of each product sold to local music initiatives.

As a company, they do the work because they love it, Because the music is worth it, because the conversation with their customers is inspiring. Their spirit is simple and true, uncompromising and dedicated.