JBL Professional Loudspeakers, Monitors, and Accessories

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JBL 2206H 12" Low Frequency Replacement Subwoofer

PAL Price: $339.00

JBL 2226H 600w 15-inch 8ohm Replacement Subwoofer NEW

PAL Price: $469.00

JBL 2226J
PAL Price: $503.00
JBL 2241H 600w 18-inch 8ohm Replacement Subwoofer

PAL Price: $737.00

JBL 2446H 100w 8ohm Compression Driver

PAL Price: $739.00

JBL 2446J
PAL Price: $839.00
JBL 2447J
PAL Price: $839.00
JBL 2450H

PAL Price: $1,329.00

JBL 2451H

PAL Price: $1,299.00

JBL Control SB-2

PAL Price: $312.00

JBL D16R2482

PAL Price: $204.00

JBL D8R2425

PAL Price: $145.00

Items 1 to 15 of 277 total


In 1927, at about the time a young audio engineer named James B. Lansing was setting up a shop in South Los Angeles to manufacture radio loudspeakers, movie pioneers over in Hollywood were tinkering with the idea of talking pictures.


Talk about being in the right place at the right time. The Lansing Manufacturing Company became an indispensable supplier to the movie industry, producing the components of the innovative MGM sound system that in 1937 won a citation for technical excellence from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Along with Lansing's well-named Iconic studio monitor, this set an unquestioned benchmark for all that followed.


Lansing's early milestones included the development of a high-speed process for milling and winding flat-wire ribbon voice coils, and several important advancements in compression driver technology that are still in use today.After Lansing's death in 1949, and after years of polite skirmishing with Altec Lansing over marketing rights to the Lansing name, James B. Lansing Sound began selling its products under the JBL brand.


JBL continues as a major force in both consumer high-fidelity and professional markets. JBL is the leading producer of branded loudspeakers in the United States today.