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Joe Trohman

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Joe Trohman

Artist Bio

Fall Out Boy's Website

It’s safe to say that there probably wouldn’t be a Fall Out Boy were it not for lead guitarist Joe Trohman.

Trohman had already been playing around suburban Chicago with bassist Pete Wentz in the very early 2000s when he met Patrick Stump at a Borders bookstore (Trohman overheard Stump talking about Neurosis, a band both liked). At Trohman’s invitation, Stump joined as lead singer, eventually also playing guitar. Without a name for its first few shows, the band became Fall Out Boy after inviting listeners to give them a name (“Fall Out Boy” was the sidekick of “Radioactive Man” on The Simpsons).

Trohman’s energetic guitar work has fueled the band’s massive success ever since, through double-platinum album sales and a 2006 Grammy Award nomination.

Born Joseph Mark Trohman in 1984 in Hollywood, Fla., he was raised in South Russell, Ohio, before his family moved to the Chicago area while he was in middle school. Trohman became involved in the local hardcore scene while attending New Trier High School in Winnetka, Ill., and played in a band called Arma Angelus with Pete Wentz, who lived in the same area and who Trohman knew from area punk and hardcore shows.

Seeking a poppier sound, Trohman and Wentz decided to form another band, inviting Trohman’s recent acquaintance, Stump. Fall Out Boy formed in 2001, subsequently added drummer Andy Hurley, and steadily built a loyal underground following nationwide before exploding with the double-platinum success of 2005 major label debut From Under the Cork Tree. The album was followed by Infinity on High (2007), Live in Phoenix (2008) and Folie à Deux (2008).

Check out Joe Trohman’s gear setup! From his favorite guitars to his favorite effects - and all the gear details in between - we have all the info you need to start rocking like Joe Trohman himself!




Custom Squire by Fender

Fender American Standard Telecaster '93

Fender Blacktop Telecaster

Fender J5 Telecaster

Gibson Les Paul

Washburn Idol Joe Trohman Signature Model




Orance Rockerverb amp

Orange Thunderverd 200 amp

Orange Thunderbird 200 Watt Head




Boss OC-3

Digitech Whammy

Fulltone Clyde WAH

Fulltone Ultimate Octave Pedal

Pitch Black Tuner

Swollen Pickle and the Aqua Puss Delay

Way Huge Pedals

Xotic Effects Booster




Dean Markley Strings

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