L.R. Baggs CTRL-X LR Baggs Acoustic Strat X-Bridge

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L.R. Baggs CTRL-X LR Baggs Acoustic Strat X-Bridge

LR Baggs preamp 3-way switch, stereo jack

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Ctrl-X is the first and only onboard mixer that will combine traditional passive magnetics with new-generation active electric guitar piezo bridge pickups, such as the powerful LR Baggs X-Bridge or T-Bridge. With the Ctrl-X, you can mix an active piezo electric guitar bridge with your magnetic pickups without active circuitry ruining the sound of your magnetics. The Ctrl-X combined with the X-Bridge will allow you to upgrade your Strat to the performance of state-of-the-art hybrid guitars at a fraction of the cost.


In mono mode, the active X-Bridge and passive magnetic pickups are passively mixed and a standard guitar cable is used. A blend control replaces the middle tone knob, allowing full panning from passive mags to X-Bridge. All tone functions are summed to the third tone knob, while the volume knob acts as a master volume. A 3-way switch gives instant access to the stock Strat, mixed, and X-Bridge-only sounds. When the 3-way switch is flipped to mags only, the X-Bridge is switched out of the circuit and only the pure stock Strat sound is present.

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