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  • Use A Chorus Pedal To Fatten Your Bass Tone


    Like any other form of art, music encourages experimentation. For example, feedback and distortion were originally seen as flaws due to the limitations of amp design. Today, it is as commonplace as it gets. Effects pedals are also handy tools begging to be put to new uses. With that said, we'd like to share with you a handy little tip regarding modulation effects such as chorus and octave pedals - they are the perfect tools to fatten up your bass tone.


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  • How To Quickly Get A Good Sound From Your Tube Amp


    We all know that most tube amps have a certain sweet spot where you get great sustain, good dynamics, a rich tone, and a full sound. In addition, you do not have to press the guitar so hard to enjoy a good sound when playing it. Nevertheless, it is not the same for all amps; some amps are always meant to have all things dimmed and sound nice when pushed equally. Moreover, other amps may sound best up on a gain knob and maybe halfway to two-thirds up when the volume is adjusted well.


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  • Brand Spotlight: Boss Katana Guitar Amplifiers


    As one of the early pioneers of digital effects, Boss is highly responsible for pushing the limits of what pedals could offer musicians outside of the studio. But as great as their pedals are, Boss is more than just an effects manufacturer -- they also make their own amplifiers. Based on the tech behind their popular Waza amplifier, the Katana line of amps embodies everything that Boss gear is known for -- powerful controls, versatile sounds, and very competitive prices. Today, we take a look at three different flavors of the Boss Katana guitar amp line up -- a 1x12 combo, a 2x12 combo, and a fully featured amp head.


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  • Non-Club Gigs Bands Should Take Advantage Of


    Good music has a soul of its own and to be honest it almost feels like a shame that there are too few events associated with tasteful and quality music all around the world. Some of the events have become cliché in terms of music band performances. For instance Clubs, Coffee shops and bars. Music is always a treat for the ears but it’s not fair that musical bands have too few options for gigs around them. Here are a few ideas about events and places where bands and musicians should be able to present their music to the crowd.


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  • Singing Exercises To Improve Your Pitch


    Vocal exercises are very important to improve your singing and can really help with some of the areas that you may need to improve. So knowing how to do the vocal exercises correctly seems to be the problem that most beginners are having difficulty with. The rule of the thumb: Always begin with a warm up exercise before jumping to vocal exercises. So that way, you can stretch your voice in preparation for more rigid vocal training. To give you an idea, here are some of the most common warm-up exercises in singing.


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