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  • Tips To Help You Become A Better Guitarist


    Though the guitar is not as complicated as other instruments e.g. the violin, the cello, the piano, etc., knowing how to play guitar still requires hard work, time, and determination. Whether you'll be taking online guitar lessons to become a guitarist or traditional classes, there are several strategies, which when done, enable you to learn guitar easily. Here are some of those techniques.

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  • Top 5 Warm Up Tips For Singers


    Just like any other activity, you should warm up well before you start signing. Tension can make you under perform if you are about to perform in front of a crowd. If you have never performed before a large crowd, then it is necessary for you to get ready for the singing so that you can avoid embarrassments. There are several exercises you can carry out before you start singing. It is necessary for you to incorporate such exercises in your preparation before you start singing.



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  • A Closer Look At The Seymour Duncan Jimi Hendrix Signature Strat Pickup Set


    In commemoration of their 40th anniversary, Seymour Duncan has decided to scrounge their archive of early designs in order to reintroduce a few sets of pickups that could best convey their founder’s ingenuity and innovation. One such design buried beneath miles of broken coils, hundreds of dust ridden schematics and years of product knowledge are the Jimi Hendrix Signature Stratocaster set -- three single-coil pickups that are as much a product of Seymour Duncan the man as they are of Hendrix himself.



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  • Single Effects Pedals vs Multi-Effects Pedals


    Effects are a great way to tailor your instrument’s signature tone into something quite different, pushing a guitar’s sound farther than what would normally be possible with just an amplifier. They are a great addition to a player’s arsenal of tonal tools. They also come in a few different flavors, two of which are single, dedicated pedals and multi-effects units. Below, we take a look at what each one entails and take a closer look at each of their pros and cons.



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  • 5 Tips For Dealing With A Difficult Sound Guy


    What does it take for a musician to have a perfect gig? Although the musical instruments-guitars, drums and acoustic instruments- matter a lot, so does the sound guy. A musician should strive to nurture an accommodating and professional relationship with the venue's sound tech for a gig to go as planned. So what are the tactics for dealing with a sound guy? This article explains 6 tactics that are worth mentioning.


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