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  • Tube Amp Rectifiers And Their Impact On Tone

    Guitar tube amp rectifiers are a source of confusion among many players out there. And with the growth of dual rectifier or selectable rectifier tube amps, it is important that players take the time to know the basics on what they are and how they work, along with what they do and don’t contribute to a tube amp’s tone. Below, we take a closer look and hopefully give you a good idea on the type of tube amp rectifier can bring to the table.



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  • Band Tips: How To Earn Extra Money

    One of the primary goals of any musician is to diversify his or her income. As a musician, you can perform shows over the weekend and do some national tours to get some reasonable income. However, apart from ticket sales and the live gigging; you can make a whole ton of money using the right tools and by being more creative. A musician should be aware that there are times of low income hence the need to be more curious to make extra income. You can do this by incorporating modern methods with the traditional methods. The following are some creative ways you can make money aside from gigs and merchandise.

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  • Tips On Using The Ernie Ball Expression Ambient Delay Guitar Effects Pedal

    Last week, we reviewed the new Ernie Ball Expression Ambient Delay guitar effects pedal (spoiler: we thought it was great). While the delay and reverb aspects of the pedal would make it a great buy on its own, the addition of a built-in expression pedal really ups the amounts of things you can do as a player. Many players out might not have much experience with delay and expression pedal combo so today we’d like to take the time to showcase some of the benefits the Expression Ambient Delay can add to your tonal toolset.



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  • A Few Of The Most Common Record Industry Deals

    The most common belief these days is that record labels only care about themselves. The internet is awash with stories of artists who were had by record labels. While there is some truth to record labels taking advantage of a hungry artist, they are first and foremost a business. They are not under any obligation to offer the artist any suitable terms. It is up to the artist to educate themselves on what kind of deals there are and fight for the best possible ones. Below are four of the most common type of record deals in the industry.



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  • A Closer Look At The Seymour Duncan Antiquity Series Pickups

    Pickups are always evolving, with new flavors and variations coming out all the time. And one of the companies taking charge and continually pushing the pickup market is Seymour Duncan. Whether you’re looking for something new and modern or a pickup set that accurately recreates the legendary tones of the past, they've got you covered. If you're in the group that likes your pickups as close to the classics as possible, the Seymour Duncan Antiquity Series Guitar And Bass Pickups was made exactly for you.




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