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  • Brand Spotlight: Heil Sound Microphones


    Founded in 1966 by Bob Heil, Heil Sound is a professional audio company that has managed to flourish for decades thanks in part to their extensive knowledge of the market and forward-thinking microphone designs. In fact, they are so respected in the industry that they remain the only manufacturer to be invited to exhibit their products at the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. With that in mind, we decided to take the time to share with our visitors a few of our favorite mics from Heil Sound. If you're serious about your audio gear, you owe it to yourself and your sound to take a closer look the mics below!


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  • Guitar Flanger Effects Pedal Tips And Tricks


    Nowadays, the flanger effect is one of the most used by many guitarists across the globe. The polarizing effect produced is almost similar to that of a jet plane swirl. However, the flanger effects pedals are underrated while they can perform the same functions as the modulation pedals and also generate a multiplicity of distinctive tunes. The flanger is the most versatile modulator that guitarists need. The flanger pedal has a total of four knobs and three are related to the low-frequency oscillator or LFO namely, width (depth or rate), speed or rate, and manual. The fourth knob that controls the intensity of some sounds that may occur due to the creation of what we call negative delays. The knob feeds this negative delay and enhances the flanging effects by adding some sonic possibilities.


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  • 5 Key Things You Should Know To Be Your Own Guitar Tech


    You love playing guitar and consider yourself as a guitarist. It could be a career for you or a hobby. You tend to play it in long hours, on the daily basis. Of course, you want it to maintain in good condition but once a part of it broke, the impulse is run to a guitar shop or guitar tech. Also, it broke when you are far from the city and there is no available repair shop around. You will spend a certain amount of money and wait for hours to get it fixed. So, why not consider to become your own guitar tech? Being a guitarist and guitar tech at the same time is an edge. Let me tell you basic skills to learn and some tools you need to be a guitar tech.


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  • Bass Tips: Transitioning From Picks To Finger Strumming


    The strumming patterns of a bass could be very diverse for many purposes. It is noted that even the fastest flicker cannot match richness and complexity of finger strumming. At Some point in your career, it will make sense if you can expand your abilities and learn more on how to finger strum a bass guitar. The guideline discussed below explains some of the techniques to a solid finger strumming. The difference between strumming with a pick and finger strumming is that a pick may move faster, but it does not matter how quick it runs it can not pluck several strings at a time.


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  • Learning Guitar Chords For Beginning Guitarists


    Here are some useful tips to help you quickly and easily learn guitar chords. I put it together for you so you can pick up and play your guitar and start enjoying the guitar player. So, let's start studying the guitar chords, which are a fundamental part of playing the guitar.


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