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  • How to Use Bass Overdrive Without Losing Your Low End


    Bassists face many challenges in their line of work but the most significant one has to be how to use bass amp overdrive without losing the low end. An overdriven or dirty bass tone has the unique ability to liven up a band’s mix as well as fattening up the overall sound. The last thing any bassist would want to do is compromising on holding down the low end. Most overdrive pedals have different degrees of low-end bass even the ones designed for bass. This may be a hindrance for a majority of players especially the ones who are keen on an overdriven bass sound. Luckily, there are techniques by which to enhance bass tone using overdrive but without losing low end.


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  • Great Acoustic Rock Songs For The Holidays


    It is the festive season again, time of the year when holidays songs fill the air and Christmas cheer can be felt everywhere. Although the idea of holiday rock songs might seem a bit unconventional, you will be surprised to learn that there are numerous acoustic rock songs dedicated specifically to the holidays. Some are simply classic Christmas carols turned into rock songs, while others are as unconventional as can be. Here are some great acoustic songs you can try playing for the holidays:


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  • Gift Ideas Under $200 For Bassists


    Gift ideas for bass players can be hard to think of if you're not exactly well-versed in the world of music gear. Not a problem! With the holiday season in full swing, we have exactly what you need to find the perfect gift for the bass player in your life, all for less than $200.

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  • Four Useful Guitar Amp Recording Tips


    Most people all over the world are attracted to good music. They say music soothes the heart. However, recording a song may not be that easy especially when using a guitar and an amplifier to record a song. Different producers have their views on how guitar-amp recording is done. Discussed below are some the incredible tips on guitar amp recording as perceived by different producers.

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  • Acoustic Guitar: Simple Tips That Can Improve Your Sound


    How do you achieve acoustic guitar EQ (Equalization) excellence? As a fresh acoustic guitar player, it can prove largely challenging to achieve a flawless sound or tone. The reason is due to the extremely dynamic nature of an acoustic guitar. Also, this instrument has numerous frequencies ranging from deepest lows to highest highs. Nonetheless, you have to be willing to understand how to use your acoustic guitar if you desire to have a quality tone. Below is a detailed description of tips to improve your sound.


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