TV JONES Magna'Tron-DA DeArmond Mount Guitar Pickup Bridge

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TV JONES Magna'Tron-DA DeArmond Mount Guitar Pickup Bridge

TV JONES Magna'Tron-DA Bridge Pickup

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The TV Jones Magna'Tron blends DeArmond-style twang and single coil spank in a standard Filter'Tron footprint. The standard mounting option is best for most hollow body guitars.


The Magna'Tron's special tone is the result of staggered cylinder magnets, using a blend of alnico grades. With the magnets so close to the strings, note attack is extremely quick. The tone is quite aggressive, with exceptional pop and clarity on single-notes. This is perfectly balanced by the full tone inherent in its dual-coil design, which provides hum-cancelling operation as well.


The Magna'Tron bridge model features extra-tall coils overwound with thin magnet wire, which provides a good balance of output and clarity. The matched Magna'Tron neck model uses normal coils and standard wire, resulting in a sweeter tone.


All Magna'Tron models are wax saturated to help eliminate microphonic feedback. Each pickup comes with mounting screws and complete installation instructions. Compression rubber is recommended under the pickup.


The DeArmond mount is for guitars with top-mounted DeArmond or Dynasonic single-coil pickups. Now you can have that classic TV Jones double-coil sound without modifying your guitar!


Features and Specification:

  • DC Resistance: 7.95K
  • Inductance: 2.9 H
  • Available in chrome, nickel and gold.

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