Ashly Signal Processing Equipment And Power Amplification

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ASHLY MX406 front

PAL Price: $900.00

ASHLY CLX52 front

PAL Price: $335.00

ASHLY GQX3102 front

PAL Price: $620.00

ASHLY LX308B front

PAL Price: $575.00

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Ashly Audio Inc. is recognized as a world leader in designing and manufacturing quality signal processing equipment and power amplification for use in the commercial sound contracting and professional audio markets. The philosophy they established from the very beginning holds true today: to offer only the highest quality audio tools at an affordable cost to the professional user. Thirty-four years later, Ashly remains committed to this principle.


Before Ashly started manufacturing audio products, it was a 60's era sound reinforcement company founded and run by five individuals. Contrary to many rumors and myths such as 'named after a pet dog', 'anagram of initials', or 'a girlfriend', the real origin comes from Larry Ashley, one of the founding five. Larry's last name was chosen for the alphabetical advantage when listed of course. To add some mystique to the name and to avoid conflict with another company, the 'e' was dropped.