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You may think that a flamenco player would not be someone who would design guitars for metal-heads and shredders, but the story of Bernardo Chavez Rico would prove otherwise. Known today as B.C.Rich, Bernie started building a few custom guitars and basses in the early 70’s after being inspired by Gibson guitars of the day. Previously a flamenco player and Flamenco guitar builder, Bernie eventually grew B.C Rich into a guitar company known for building guitars for metal guitarists. Today B.C. Rich guitars are played by top-metal artists around the world, as exhibited by the Kerry King Metal Master Signature models, crafted specifically for the lead guitarist of Slayer.


Models like the Pro X Bich, Mockingbird and Avenged SOB are designs that no other guitar company is making, or even trying to copy! If you’re looking for guitars the defy convention and break the mold of traditional shapes and construction, then have to give B.C. Rich a try.