BARTOLINI PBF-49 Vintage Humbucker Pickups

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BARTOLINI PBF-49 Vintage Humbucker Pickups

BARTOLINI PBF-49 Vintage Humbucker Pickups

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Tone Quality and Recommendations

Vintage Pair - the PBF-49 neck and PBF-51 bridge combination is intended for those players who seek the earlier vintage humbucker tonalities that come from windings near 7.5K-ohm for the neck pickup and just over 8K-ohm for the bridge pickup. The "49" and "51" provide much more focused and defined lows while retaining and improving the sweetness of the high end.

Jazz Guitar Pair - the PBF-55 neck and PBF-57 bridge provide the same focused lows of the Vintage Pair, but with a softer, more rounded, warmer, more diffuse attack. The "55" and "57" pair is highly recommended for Jazz and Jazz/Rock applications, or for smoothing out the harshness of some heavier solid bodies.

Rock'n'Roll pair - the PBF-55 neck and PBF-77D bridge satisfy the need for clarity and smooth sweetness from the neck pickup and power with unequaled smoothness and definition from the bridge pickup.

The Man - For the last two years it has been our pleasure to collaborate with Ed Reynolds on the design of PBF guitar pickups. Ed was a builder of excellent guitars and basses and a top notch repairman in the Chicago area in the 70's and early 80's. He has continued his work in the Austin, Texas and now focuses exclusively on electric guitars.

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