Black Cherry USA

Black Cherry USA is a company that specializes in offering products designed to improve or enhance musical instruments.

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3 Item(s)

Asc is proud to be an authorized Black Cherry USA dealer, creators of the Patented Hollow Point Intonation System. The Hollow Point is the solution to the age old issue of dealing with the difficulties of making fine intonation adjustments in the saddle position (under string tension). Once they are installed, a set of Hollow Points can reduce the time it takes to set intonation down to as little as 15-20 seconds per string. In addition to reducing set-up time, Hollow Points feature a distinctive, slick look that is sure to turn heads!


Hollow Points are designed as a retro-fit intonation tool for the gold standard of double locking tremolo units – the Floyd Rose.  Even though they will work on many variations of the original Floyd Rose & Licensed units, including the Ibanez Edge Trems, Hollow Points work best on the recessed or low profile tremolos for maximum preservation of fine tuning range.


Constructed of solid brass, each Hollow Point is proudly designed in the USA.  In addition to increasing the effectiveness and ease of set-up, other benefits include improved appearance, increased mass, sustain and tone.