FISHMAN Powerbridge AST

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FISHMAN Powerbridge AST

Fishman Acoustic pickup for Electric Guitar,

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The Fishman POWERBRIDGE AST Acoustic pickup for Electric Guitar. Reveal new colours and textures hidden inside your electric guitar.


The Fishman Powerbridge AST is the world's finest acoustic pickup for your electric guitar. The AST version fits all American Standard Telecaster style guitars with a closer lead pickup spacing design. The electric guitar contains a wealth of different sounds. But the rich organic quality of an acoustic has never been one of them - until now. The Fishman Powerbridge System can reveal new colours and textures hidden inside your electric guitar.


The Fishman Powerbridge Pickup is built into a high quality, made-in-the-USA replacement bridge. Piezo elements integrated into each bridge saddle respond directly to the acoustic energy of your electric guitar - providing an "acoustic" sound quality. On its own, the Powerbridge Pickup provides a subtle and intimate "acoustic" sound. But the real fun begins when you blend Piezo and magnetic signals together. With the complete Fishman Powerbridge System (buy the Powerchip for a mixed mono out) you can blend the Powerbridge Pickup with clean magnetic sounds for bright, percussive tones - or with your favourite distortion settings for a range of hybrid clean and dirty tones.


The Powerbridge System also affords you a wide range of signal routing options. Send the Powerbridge signal with your magnetic signal to a single guitar amp or feed it to a PA and the magnetic signal to your onstage amp for lush, roomfilling "electro-acoustic" effects. You can plug the Powerbridge directly into many amplifiers with excellent results (minimum 1 M Ohm input impedance for best results). This is called a "passive" system, because there is no "active" preamp (no battery) between the Powerbridge and the amp's input. To control the volume of the Powerbridge Pickup, a special 5 M Ohm volume pot is included, there's plenty of room for it on a Telecaster style control plate.


Every Powerbridge Pickup includes a TRS (Tip/Ring/Sleeve) Stereo Output Jack specifically intended for use with the Fishman Powerbridge System. This Stereo output replaces your existing Mono output jack. You can expand the Powerbridge with the complete line of Powertronics dedicated preamps, Powerchip (recommended not required - gives Mixed Mono Out, Piezo Phase Switch and Piezo Trim Control), Powermix and Powerblend.


The main features of the Fishman POWERBRIDGE AST include:

  • Reveal new colours and textures hidden inside your electric guitar
  • Replacement high quality bridge with integrated piezo pickup
  • Designed for all Telecasters with a vintage style bridge
  • Includes Powerbridge, Stereo output jack and 5 M Ohm volume pot
  • Buy the Powerchip (recommended not required) Piezo/Magnetic Onboard Mixing Preamp for a mixed mono out


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