FUCHS Overdrive Supreme HRM - 50 Guitar Amp Head

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FUCHS Overdrive Supreme HRM - 50 Guitar Amp Head

FUCHS Overdrive Supreme HRM - 50 Amp Head

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By popular request, Fuchs Audio Technology has now introduced the ODS-HRM. The original ODS preamp architecture was influenced by the D-style amps of the '70s and '80s, and will remain in production in all power ranges from 30 through 150 watts.


The new ODS-HRM is heavily influenced by the '90s style D-style circuit architecture, and adds a unique, very flexible internal post overdrive tone stack, which provides a full range of adjustment for high, midrange and lows after the overdrive stages. In addition to allowing a player to tune both his clean and dirty tones to perfection, the overall overdrive gain architecture cleans up exceptionally well from the guitar. The HRM amps are articulate, yet can be warm, juicy and organic at he same time. The main tone controls now incorporate many of the innovations we designed for our Clean Machine amp, and include gain boost, mid boost, selectable mid boost frequency, and a mid/low turnover switch, which adjusts the frequency point at which the mid and low controls operate. This provides for more tonal flexibility and a wider range of clean tones.


These amps are a culmination of Fuchs' close to ten years of building the Overdrive Supreme®. The ODS-HRM includes a revised version of our series/parallel effects loop, a revised rever1b circuit with internal dwell adjustment, as well as a higher current raw DC power supply for maximum dynamics. The ODS-HRM is available in both heads and combos, in 100 and 150-W versions. The final tuning and voicing was done by Andy Fuchs® and Scott Lerner.


Tube Compliment:

  • 2 X 6L6 (50 Watt)

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