Furman Professional Audio, Signal Processors and AC Power Conditioning Systems

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  1. FURMAN PL-8C Power Conditioner plus Lights

    FURMAN PL-8C Power Conditioner plus Lights

    PAL Price: $240.00
    Furman PL-8C - Power Conditioner Plus Lights 120V/15A ...
  2. FURMAN PL-PRO C Pro Level Power Conditioner plus Voltmeter, Lights and USB Charger

    FURMAN PL-PRO C Pro Level Power Conditioner plus Voltmeter, Lights and USB Charger

    PAL Price: $470.00
    Furman PL-PROC - Pro Level Power Vonditioner plus Lights, Voltmeter, 120V/15A ...

2 Item(s)


Furman has been producing high-quality products since 1974. Their products fall into three broad categories: the professional audio and video signal processors on which the company was founded, the trusted AC power conditioning and distribution products for which we are best known, and the innovative energy management solutions which utilize their revolutionary BlueBOLT cloud-based platform.


Applications for these products are no longer limited to music; Furman's product applications span a wide range of markets. Furman's highly acclaimed CE line, established in 2001, incorporates a complete line of AC power management products specifically engineered for today's custom home theater and audiophile systems. Additional applications for their products include sound reinforcement; home and professional recording; post production; broadcast systems; commercial audio/video installation; and commercial/residential energy monitoring and management.


Furman's focus on engineering innovative, leading edge AC power technologies has led to revolutionary developments such as their trusted, professional-grade Series Multi-Stage Protection, Linear Filtering Technology, Extreme Voltage Shutdown, True RMS Voltage Regulation, and Power Factor Technology.


Acquired by Panamax, LLC in 2007, Panamax and Furman together provide a comprehensive range of premium power management solutions for A/V applications and innovative, easy-to-use energy monitoring and management solutions for residential and commercial use.