Keeley Katana Blues Drive Guitar Overdrive Effects Pedal

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Keeley Katana Blues Drive Guitar Overdrive Effects Pedal

Keeley Katana Blues Drive Guitar Overdrive Effects Pedal

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Aided by a reputation for high quality products and famous customers such as Brad Paisley, Keeley Electronics is now one of the world’s leading guitar effects pedal manufacturers who not only specialize in sought after pedal modifications but have plenty of popular original creations as well. Born out of founder Robert Keeley’s garage in 2001, Keeley Electronics first made a name for themselves by rebuilding and modifying old effects units – starting with a Ross compressor – until finally hitting it big with their version of the Ibanez TS9 which was quickly adopted by several artists such as Peter Frampton, Jon Herington and Ike Willis.


Currently located in Edmond, Oklahoma, Keeley Electronics continues to provide unique guitar effects pedals that are as highly regarded in tone as they are in quality by staying true to Robert Keeley’s commitment to carefully selecting electronic components for a sound that is truly one of a kind – even when the pedals themselves aren't!


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Dynamically Rich

The all new Keeley Katana Blues Drive. A musically rich and dynamic overdrive for the most discriminating guitar player. After more than a decade of building great guitar tone from the ground up, Keeley has crafted an overdrive that is destined to be a classic. It’s about tone and feel. The Katana Blues Drive captures the best elements of tubes with a transparency that allows your guitar’s full tonal range to shine through while at the same time delivering dynamics that are sensitive to the touch. This pedal cleans up perfectly, just roll your guitar volume back and let it shine.


Glass Tube Clarity

The Keeley Katana Blues Drive is Keeley's most expressive and musically inspirational overdrive pedal to date. Keeley has taken the legendary tube clarity of their best-selling Katana Boost’s JFET stages and blended them together with a unique overdrive circuit that’s been influenced by their award-winning overdrive pedal modifications.



With active tone controls and layered overdrive tones, the Katana Blues Drive feels rich and thick yet lets your guitar tone come through. Over 13 years in the making, Keeley has taken every ounce of feedback from customers to deliver an overdrive they are extremely proud of. The Katana Blues Drive was built for your inspiration. You know when a piece of gear inspires and your tone is dialed just right. Your playing becomes free and full of energy. Ideas flow. Magic happens. The Keeley Katana Blues Drive: Are you ready to get into overdrive?

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