Klein 1962 Stratocaster Guitar Pickup Set, White

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Klein 1962 Stratocaster Guitar Pickup Set, White


Pickups are "Flash Potted" to avoid microphonic squeal but still retains the natural characteristics just like original pickups. 

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Klein's Epic Series 1962 Pickups use Original Alloy Alnico 5.  They've done it again, sent Original magnets to an independent laboratory for Metallurgical Chemical Analysis Testing.  They then contracted direct with our magnet manufacturer to get the Alnico 5 magnets.  Specially Poured to the exact composition of the Original 1962's.  We are the only manufacturer who offers this.  Pure, Sweet, and Authentic Tone.

Klein Pickups Original Alloy Magnet LogoKlein Pickups LLC 1962 Original Alloy Stratocaster Magnets

Klein's 42ga Heavy Formvar wire is not just stock wire.  They have sent dozens of samples of wire from early stratocasters for analysis.  They get their 42ga Heavy Formvar built to the exact specs of the samples they had analyzed.  Exact Resistance, Exact ID & OD, & Color matching.

The low end on these pickups are unprecedented; full of low end chunkiness, paired with a very nice medium output, brings out a perfect balance to the mid range drive in these pickups.   They have just the right amount of bark in the mids, clean when strummed politely while driving when played more aggressively .  The top end clarity present and very well balanced.  Overall, these are a medium output set that can drive and bark when needed.

These pickups are medium in output so they will have a solid mid range presence.   They will drive when needed or run warm and full when left clean.


Output:  Neck 6.4k, Middle 6.5k, Bridge 6.3k

This set is made to replicate original Fender 1962 pickups, in look, tone, and feel.  Exact magnetic field flux strength of the pickup, and the exact stagger is used in it's construction.  Cast Alnico 5 magnets, each holds the same magnetic charge as taken from the Original 1962 set.   
Once the pickup is wound, Klein lightly waxes the pot (FLASH POT) to avoid unwanted microphonic feedback but still retains that natural vintage tone.

These are the most authentic and reasonably priced 1962 stratocaster vintage replacement pickups on the market.

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