L.R. Baggs Anthem Stream Line Acoustic Pickup

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L.R. Baggs Anthem Stream Line Acoustic Pickup

LR Baggs Anthem Stream Line acoustic pickup

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LR Baggs has taken a truly giant leap forward with the Tru-Mic Anthem system. And by focusing on a microphone-oriented solutionï¾—an approach that many players and certainly engineers regard as the best way to capture a guitar's natural toneï¾—LR Baggs is helping raise the bar for what players can expect from an accessibly priced system. ï¾—Premier Guitar Magazine reviewLR Baggs Anthem SL System includes:The Tru-Mic adheres to the bridge plate inside an X-braced guitar. It weighs only 1/2 ounce, avoiding any significant dampening effect on the instrument's natural sound. The housing positions the mic just 3 millimeters from the guitar surface, to achieve very high gain before feedback, and capture the sound of the entire vibrating guitar top. The sound quality and feedback resistance of the Tru-Mic set it apart from other "hybrid" mic/transducer systems that are primarily undersaddle-pickup based.The Element undersaddle transducer in the Anthem SL System augments the mic at only the lowest frequencies, to add punch and authority. It works with common string spacings and saddle widths, for uniform string balance, and is flexible for more efficient contact and sensitivity. (Note: LR Baggs recommends professional installation for all undersaddle pickups.)The Preamp/Endpin Jack contains all the electronics, with an optimum preset mix of the Tru-Mic and the Element undersaddle transducer signals. It features all-discrete studio quality circuitry. 1/2" mounting hole required.The featherweight Volume Control adheres underneath the edge of a round soundhole, for convenient fingertip access. It also has a critical mic gain trim control.


  • Tru Mic dimensions: 2.27" x .735"x .48"
  • Tru Mic weight: 0.5 oz
  • Pickup active sensor length: 3.4"
  • Pickup thickness: .038"
  • Pickup width: .092"
  • Battery type: Single 9V
  • Battery life: 170 hrs.
  • Mic range: 250Hz - 20kHz

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