Mad Professor Hand Wired Tiny Orange Phaser

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Mad Professor Hand Wired Tiny Orange Phaser

Mad Professor Hand Wired Tiny Orange Phaser

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Mad Professor Hand Wired Tiny Orange Phaser

The Phaser has been a huge part of electric guitar since rock stars in the 70's and 80's started using it with heavy overdrive to create a much thicker guitar sound with making their guitar tone too muddy. The Mad Professor Tiny Orange Phaser is their take on this classic effect with a simple set of three controls and a powerful sound that matches any other on the market.

Musical, Balanced Tone.

While a lot of old phaser circuits sound great with electric guitar they were never really designed for that purpose. This pedal on the other hand has been perfectly dialled for all of the controls to be usable from 1 to 10 so no matter what kind of phase you are looking for the Tiny Orange Phaser has you covered.

Three Simple Controls

The Speed effect as you would expect controls the speed of the effect meanwhile the Resonance acts kind of like a tone control increasing the amount of high end in your signal as your turn it up. The Mix control is rather different, as you turn it bellow 12 o clock you get deep phasing effects that are focused on the lower frequencies, when above 12 it focuses in on the higher range frequencies, at 12 it actually stops the effect completely.


SPEED: controls the speed of modulation
RESONANCE: sets the resonance (tone) of the effect
MIX: no effect at 12 o'clock, CW and CWW settings controls the depth of two different phase tones


Supply voltage range: 8 to 10VDC
Current consumption at 9VDC: 26mA
Input inpedance: 500K Ohm's
Output impedance: 1K Ohm's
Complete bypass (true bypass)

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