MANLEY M162ML Manley 16x2 (8 Mic + 8 Line) Mixer

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MANLEY M162ML Manley 16x2 (8 Mic + 8 Line) Mixer

MANLEY M162ML Manley 16x2 (8 Mic + 8 Line) Mixer

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Tubes on the 2-Buss! For years a small studio has had two choices. But not really. Does one spend big bucks for a big console or petty cash for a mini mixer with a mini sound? One is overkill and the other killed the music. These days, studios based around workstations need a simple but superb mixer, and many had hoped for it to have that Manley sound. They asked. Manley responded.

The 8+8 version mixes it up, with 8 mic channels and 8 line channels (shown above). Great for location recording, keyboard rigs and general purpose tasks. The reviews are coming in stellar!

The top 1-8 channels are MIC channels. So if you had a 16x2MIC, all 16 channels would look like that with your Direct Outs and Inserts. And your phantom power switching on each bank of four.

The bottom 9-16 channels are LINE channels. They have Direct outs but no Insert as there's nowhere to insert anything in between in a LINE channel.

The channel input jack is a Neutrik Combo which accepts XLR or 1/4" phone plugs. It is perfectly happy with either balanced or unbalanced sources.

Each channel uses the best sounding chips we know of (Burr Brown INA103, OPA2604, Linear Technology LT1010) in Hutch's circuits with exceptional headroom and very low noise, real pro level input and output levels, and bulletproof Manley quality throughout. Spec-wise know of no mixer ever with better headroom or higher output levels and, well, this mixer's subterranean noise floor and crosstalk figures are simply quite amazing. The signal path has just 3 superb polystyrene caps from input to output. No carbon resistors, just 1/2 watt metal film, Bourns conductive plastic pots, Grayhill stepped attenuators, etc. All the good stuff.

The tube mix amps/line drivers are right at the end and impart that "Manley Sound" to your final outputs with all the richness, loudness and BIG sound you expect from us. Built like a tank and easy to service.

Mutes and Solos use superior relay switching techniques not crummy FETs or CMOS switching. The Solo is of the "mute everything else" type. The buttons are EAO Series 19 and light up to indicate Mute and Solo. Insert and Phase Reverse also use high quality relays and both functions have tiny switches and red LED's to clearly indicate when they're selected.

The master section provides mixdown to 2 channels achieved with similar tube circuits as used in the Massive Passive, featuring two each 12AT7 NOS Phillips & 6414 NOS GE or Raytheon dual triodes. External inputs allow two or more mixers to be combined for 32 or more channels with a mini-banana post linking the Solo functions. There are both transformer balanced and transformerless unbalanced (+4dBm) outputs with tons of headroom. Max output level is +36dBu, about 10dB better than million-dollar consoles. There are two sets of monitor outputs, MAIN and MINI, so you can feed two different sets of power amps or powered speakers. We included MUTE and DIM buttons plus a rotary switch to monitor the main mix, the mono mix, 2 track tape playback (more balanced inputs), the Ext inputs (for linked consoles or effects returns), and the aux mix (only on LINE version).

The dedicated power supply unit cranking out all the necessary filtered and regulated DC voltages to power up this beast is external further reducing noise and heat.

Features and Specifications:

  •     Channel Input to Mix Output:
  •     Frequency Response Unity Gain 5 Hz to 100 KHz -1 db
  •     THD + N Unity Gain (+0 dBu) .05% (-65 dB)
  •     S/N Output @ +33 dBu 109 dB 22Hz-20KHz
  •     Noise Floor 22 Hz to 20K -80 dBu typical
  •     Maximum Gain Mic = +60 dB Mix Gain +10 dB (Mic = 70 dB)
  •     Maximum Output (Mix Gain +10) +33 dBu Balanced
  •     Main Buss Vacuum Tubes: 2 x 12AT7 NOS Phillips; 2 x 6414 NOS GE or Raytheon
  •     Power Consumption (120/240 VAC): 144 watts
  •         Factory set for 100V, 120V or 220-240VAC operation for original destination country's mains voltage.
  •         Operating Mains Voltage changeable with power transformer primary switch and fuse value change.
  •         Mains Voltage Frequency: 50~ 60Hz



  •         16x2 Mixer: 19" x 8.75" x 6.25" (occupies 5U)
  •         PSU: 13" x 3.5" x 11.5" (rack mount kit available)
  •     Shipping Weight: 38 lbs with PSU

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