Matchless High-End Electric Guitar Amplifiers, DC30 Model Tube Amp

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Matchless Amplifiers began in the late 1980s, after the founders got sick of big companies building cheap transistor-based amps and all but abandoning the beautiful, warm tube sounds of the decades past. Rick Perotta and Mark Sampson hand-built the first Matchless Amps on a kitchen table in North Hollywood California, and they painstakingly tested and probed until they settled on a sound that was all their own. The goal of Matchless was to be exactly that, without peer, and Sampson and Perotta believed that their amps were. Matchless went on to produce some of the most popular boutique amps of the 90s, and are credited with kicking off the boutique amp craze of the 90s and beyond. The first Matchless model was the DC30, which won the boutique amplifier shootout in Guitar Player Magazine in 1992, and is still popular with many famous guitarists like Mark Hoppus, Lenny Kravitz and Kings of Leon. Mark Hoppus, Lenny Kravitz and Kings of Leon. Matchless produces an entire line of high-end electric guitar amplifiers like those played by Derek Trucks, John Scofield, and Carlos Santana. According to Matchless, both Jimmy Page and Brian May often play six DC30s as part of their live rigs! With a list of players like that, it should be clear that Matchless quality and tone is unparalleled. The founders of Matchless brought the passion of dedicated musicians and tone-junkies to their amplifier construction, and players like us are still reaping the rewards 20 years later!