MXR CSP105 75 Vintage Phase 45

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MXR CSP105 75 Vintage Phase 45

MXR CSP105 75 Vintage Phase 45

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The MXR CSP105 75 Vintage Phase 45 reissue is the ultra rare little brother to the classic Phase 90, and is direct from the MXR Custom Shop. This true bypass analog pedal is crafted to the exacting specs of the MXR Custom Shop, with hand-matched FETs and a hand-wired circuit board that is an exact replica of the 1975 design. CTS pots, a Carling Switch, and Switchcraft jacks are all part of the exceptional build quality of this vintage styled pedal. The MXR CSP105 75 Vintage Phase 45 is a two-stage phaser, with a subtle and ultra musical voicing, that will not overpower your tone, but will add just enough texture to color your guitar and amp’s sound.


If you need some truly subtle, warm, and rich phase effects, then the MXR CSP105 75 Vintage Phase 45 is the way to go. With just one knob for operation, it is a no-brainer stompbox, but aaah, what it can do to your brain nonetheless. Go from swooshy rolling stoned phaser sound, to graffitied physicalities, to lucy’s diamonds, and down the highway to Nashville, all with the turn of a single knob. The MXR CSP105 75 Vintage Phase 45 brings you back to the glory days of swirling and swooshing sounds.


MXR CSP105 75 Vintage Phase 45 Features:

* Hand-wired circuit board with original 1975 components
* True Bypass Analog Circuitry
* 9 v dc power
* Speed Knob regulates overall effect rate
* Rugged MXR Stompbox Music

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