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  • A Few Of Our Favorite Punk Rock Guitar Pickups


    Back when punk was still in its infancy, there wasn't any right combination of guitar, amp or pickups that you had to have in order to play  -- all you needed was a few friends and plenty of attitude. Since then, the genre that was birthed on the back going against the grain has matured and evolved into a versatile style with a wide range of sounds that are very different from one another. From the classic, single-coil tones of The Clash to the humbucker heaviness of The Misfits, if you have a certain style in mind you're going to need the right setup. While you still need plenty of attitude, these various pickups will help you get one step closer in your quest for that perfect punk tone in your head.


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  • Bass Tips: Tone Differences Between Neck Joint Types


    There are plenty of important things to consider in an acoustic, electric guitar or bass, one of which is the method of neck attachment. There are essentially three ways that most of today’s guitar and basses use to attach a neck to a body. The first is known as neck-through, or through-body, the second is set-neck and the last one is referred to as bolt-on. Not only do each of these methods affect the sound and playability of the instrument, they can also affect the look, price, strength and the difficulty in which connected problems can be fixed. Let’s take a closer look at each of them.


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  • Great Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedals For Blues

    There's nothing like a nice, rich blues guitar riff that features plenty smooth sustain and just the right amount of grit! And while many old school blues players might prefer to carve their tone by plugging straight into an amp, there's nothing wrong with using an amazing overdrive guitar effects pedal to get the job done. If you've been searching for the right OD stompbox that can give a kick to your blues guitar tone, you can't go wrong with any of the choices below.




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  • Tech Tips: Noise Gate Pedals


    As you are browsing across the web looking for a brand new pedal to add to your board, you might have bumped into noise gates. Sure, the name itself should tell you what they are used for but it still leaves many questions for many of us out there. Below, we take a quick look at how Noise Gate pedals work along with a few great suggestions.


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  • How To Take Care Of Your New Tube Guitar Amp


    There’s a reason why tube amps have remained popular after all these years. Despite their relatively high price tag and an overall delicate design that is firmly rooted in mid-20th-century technology, nothing beats a tube amp when it comes to creating stunning high-gain tone. Whether you’re looking for smooth sustain and compression or fat and crunchy distortion, the signature sound of a tube amp remains the holy grail of guitar tone. Today, we’re going to look at a few tips to that should help you properly care for those delicate yet beautiful tone machines and give them the best shot at a long and happy life!


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