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  • Sennheiser e604 Tom And Snare Drum Mic Review


    My first experience with the Sennheiser e604 was pretty much by accident. A friend of mine was looking to record an entire drum kit and needed some suggestions on a set of mics for the toms and snare that wouldn’t go beyond his $400 budget. At that price point, my first thought was three Shure SM57s -- a low priced mic that is known for being a great bang-for-your-buck piece of gear (and often used to record toms and snares). Once we were at the shop, we noticed a set of three Sennheiser e604s sold specifically as tom and snare mics. At around $350, the price was definitely right so he decided to take the plunge. A few years later, I decided to take a closer look at the mic for myself. Read on for my review of the Sennheiser e604.

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  • Brand Spotlight: Eminence Guitar Speakers

    When former Magnavox and CTS loudspeaker engineer Bob Gault founded Eminence in 1966, his modest goal for the new company was simply to be able to manufacture the three speakers per day commissioned by Ampeg. Forty-nine years later, Eminence has become the largest speaker manufacturer in the world, producing over 2,000 speakers a day and used by professional and amateur musicians across the world. The key to their success was Gault’s loudspeaker ingenuity and knowledge, allowing Eminence to offer speakers known for their great tone and excellent value. Today, we're taking a look at five of their popular offerings. Continue reading

  • EMG 57/66 Guitar Humbucker Set Review

    When you think about manufacturers that are well known for pickups that specialize in vintage tones, you don’t usually think EMG. Instead, they are better known for pickups that are especially suited for hard rock and metal. With that said, I was very interested in checking out their 57 Bridge and the 66 Neck set, which are essentially vintage PAF-style humbuckers, albeit with an active system onboard.

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  • Brand Spotlight: L.R. Baggs Acoustic Guitar Pickups

    If you’re an acoustic guitar player then you've more than likely heard about the great pieces of gear made by the guys over at L.R. Baggs. While they are no strangers to the world of electric guitars, the bulk of their products revolve around acoustics. From acoustic pickups to DI boxes, preamps, and more, L.R. Baggs has dedicated themselves to giving players the very best tone and sound shaping tools possible. Today, we take a look at a few of their standout acoustic guitar pickups that we feel deserve a closer look.

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  • Acoustic Guitar Pickup Types

    If you’re serious about performing on stage with an acoustic guitar, sooner or later, simply using microphones in front of your instrument and a good PA just won’t be enough. This is where acoustic amplifications comes in – using today’s technology to send your acoustic’s sound above the surrounding noise. By taking advantage of modern gear, you can make sure that every one of your gigs will be as trouble-free as possible.

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