McCartney Led Nirvana 'Reunion' Fails to Kill Cobain's Legacy

Paul McCartney and Dave Grohl jam for Hurricane
Sandy Benefit concert.

For those of you who missed yesterday’s 12-12-12 Sandy Benefit concert – you missed one helluva show. Well, if aging English rock stars are your thing!

All joking aside, a healthy dose of music’s top players came out last night to rock listeners across the country from Madison Square Garden in the name of hurricane relief funding.

Of the entire six-hour long showcase, none of the performances drew as much attention – both positive and negative – as the Nirvana ‘reunion’ featuring Paul McCartney as the stand-in for the late Kurt Cobain.

Although vocal Nirvana fans across the blogosphere protested and lamented the idea by generally comparing the news to some sort of a twisted joke, the actual performance was nowhere near as dramatic.

Those angry fans expecting Sir Paul to butcher Cobain’s classic tunes by adding his own signature spin on them were sorely disappointed as the only thing resembling Nirvana to be found was bassist Krist Novoselic’s awkward stage presence.

With Dave Grohl on drums, Novoselic on bass, Pat Smear on guitar and Paul with a guitar of his own, the group performed a brand new song called “Cut Me Some Slack” to a very enthusiastic crowd.

Grohl – or whoever uses the official Foo Fighters Twitter account – latter revealed that the new song is actually the first off his upcoming “Sound City” documentary.

Other big highlights from yesterday’s Sandy Benefit concert included sets by Bruce Springsteen, Kanye West, Roger Waters, The Who, the Rolling Stones, Bon Jovi, Eric Clapton, Adam Sandler, Paul Shaffer, Eddie Veder, Chris Martin and Billy Joel, among others. 

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