5 Tips To Improve Your Guitar Solo Technique


Try to imagine the scenario - you are on the stage and everyone's attention is focused on you. You are about to play your guitar solo and gain the appreciation of people for doing so. However, you might feel rather anxious and uncomfortable in front of the huge audience. As a result, everything you play seems to be terrible. Consequently, it might lead to frustration and disappointment. Fortunately, in the subsequent paragraphs, we will throw some light on some essential lead guitar solo tips which should be able to make you a much better guitarist.


1. Try to imitate initially

Most of the guitarists follow this particular principle and have succeeded considerably by doing so. Make it a point to play the guitar songs you prefer. Practice the songs till you're able to play them along with the recording. You must try to obtain the gist of the songs at this particular point while putting your personal take on them. In this way, by learning songs and also modifying them slightly, it will be possible for you to create your personal guitar style.


2. Learn the principle of tension as well as release

A guitar solo is actually a repetitive pattern of tension and release. While listening to any guitar solo, you will be able to hear notes which relieve tension and also those which create tension. In fact, you will be playing a chord tone or even a non-chord tone while creating a guitar solo over any chord progression. This implies that every single note which is played in a guitar solo is either a non-chord tone or a note which is contained within that chord. Usually, a tension is created while you're playing a nonchord tone and the tension is released by you while you go back to a chord tone. Thus this implies that creating guitar solos is nothing but playing with tension and release. In fact, your guitar solos will sound much better in case you have more control over them.


3. Try not to play all the notes

It may be the fact that you are able to play all the notes on the guitar but that doesn't necessarily imply that you should do so. While taking a guitar solo and selecting notes, it is prudent for you to be tasteful. Often the mistake of playing continuous notes is being made by many guitarists since they're ignorant of how to play them.


4. Provide your solo with space

At times you might find it really challenging to stop playing the notes and in that case, you can try the subsequent effective lead guitar hack. Play each time you breathe out and stop whenever you breathe in. The guitarists at present don't have any limitations and as a result, they tend to play continuously. In fact, a vocalist will not be able to play the notes continuously since they will be required to breathe. You can also apply the same concept while playing your guitar which will improve your efficiency considerably.


5. Take into consideration your guitar tone

This particular point is very important while playing a lead guitar solo. It is up to you to decide whether you want a clean or a distorted guitar sound or whether it requires any delay. Make it a point that your sound does fit in along with the music. Never crank up the gain in case it happens to be a gentle ballad. Try to be stylistically perfect.



Final Thoughts ...

One of the best things about being a guitarist is cranking out those crazy solos. While it might seem impossible at first, all it takes is dedication and practice to be able to pull them off. With the tips above, you'll be on your way shredding it up and melting faces with the best of them!



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