5 Tips For Dealing With A Difficult Sound Guy


What does it take for a musician to have a perfect gig? Although the musical instruments-guitars, drums and acoustic instruments- matter a lot, so does the sound guy. A musician should strive to nurture an accommodating and professional relationship with the venue's sound tech for a gig to go as planned. So what are the tactics for dealing with a sound guy? This article explains 6 tactics that are worth mentioning.


1. Create A Rapport 

The first most important thing to do is to establish a cordial relationship with the sound guy prior to actually doing a gig. This simply involves making an effort to introduce yourself to the sound guy just by extending a handshake. It is equally important to know a few personal details about the sound guy. One should inquire about his official name or the name that people popularly call him as a show of nurturing a working relationship with him. Besides, this act makes the sound guy feel recognized and appreciated.


2. Possess The Right Gear

One of the most infuriating things to the sound guy is working with musicians and bands devoid of adequate musical instruments. Hardly any sound tech desires to work with musicians or bands that are 'incapacitated’ in terms of musical instruments and other musical accessories. It is your duty as a musician or band to show up for a gig with all the needed equipment. Additional guitars, drum kits, strings, and cables must be carried just in case those intended for use during a performance develop technical hitches.


3. Treat The Sound Guy Like The Pro He is

The sound tech is a professional who is deeply knowledgeable about his stuff. So treat him as such. Use accurate music terminologies and inform him how to go about vocals to ensure they resonate well with your performance. Do not largely rely on the views of the audience to know how your gig fared. Doing so is a sign of disrespect to the sound guy. It makes him feel intimidated and inadequate.


4. Coordinate Your Gig With Him Or Her

Do not hastily start your gig unless you are sure your sound guy is ready to embark on the task. Even if you have all the equipment you need in place, allow the sound guy enough time to get fully organized. Besides, it pays to arrive earlier on before the set time for the gig to verify everything including the sound is right.


5. Do Not Expect Them To Be As Excited As You

Perhaps the performance in question means a lot to you as a musician. It gives you all the reason to be lively and jovial. Should the sound guy reciprocate this attitude? The sound guy has probably been doing his thing for many years and to him, the performance is just like any other. As long as he does a splendid job, the rest does not have much impact.


Final Thoughts ...

To conclude, a sound guy can make or break a gig. When a performer establishes a good relationship with him, there is a guarantee of attaining a successful show.



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