7 Simple And Effective Ways to Motivate Your Bandmates


Band members need to be supported in what they naturally love to do. Motivation will come to them by them being able to express themselves and working together towards the growth of the band.How can you, as a lead band member find ways to motivate your fellow band mates?


1. Listen To Music Together

Bringing your band mates together to listen to music may be a chance to motivate the band, which leads to action. Everybody has going different tastes in music and often finds inspiration in many different things. At your rehearsals, you may ask each member bring in a record or song that acts as a source of inspiration to them. While you guys are listening, try to encourage everyone to observe what they hear in each and every song, and how it inspires them. Inspiring your band to create and grow will motivate every member to put that into action and this helps you become a more motivated band.


2. Have Fun Together

Have fun with your band mates. Be active with them. Aside music, you can enjoy sports and laughter together. It will bring you guys closer together. Be a part of other activities they are involved in, show support and love. Go to shows together.You will have the chance to make connect together as a band. You also will be enlightened to see the change in personality when they have fun and are able to be free.


3. Give Them Challenges

Band members will tend to react to a challenge.Competition with others will be a great way to fuel motivation and competition within the band can be very beneficial. Incentives also go along with a challenge, you can think of it as a reward for the hard work they have invested.


4. Offer Incentives

Offering incentives to band mates always work. A few bucks can be a great incentive. People like to focus on themselves, you should always try and relate to the other band members by remembering how you feel when you play alongside them. Incentives may also lead to hard work. Make sure they do the job right and they did not rush through it just to get the incentives. They have to learn to earn things in the music life.


5. Relate With Your Band Members

Once you show your affection and support for the band mates it opens new doors to a relationship. Knowing what they respond to and what makes them motivated is so important. Whether it is buying them new band clothes or just new musical instruments such as drums, guitars etc. It is imperative to remember how it to be a fellow band member for you, then relate your own experiences to your members, and watch you and band grow together.


6. Highlight The Strengths And Weaknesses Of The Band Members

Take your time to notice the major talents of your band members. The ultimate beauty of coming together and forming a band is that everybody is different, and thus you will benefit from every contributed idea. To boost band potential and keep ideas flowing, show appreciation towards your members. Be able to see through them and recognize their strengths and weaknesses. By doing this, your band will improve and members will understand how to use their talents effectively.


7. Change Environment and Ask For Feedback

Come up with new sounds regularly and perform with the band in different environments. Change of scenery can be very refreshing and the new smells, sounds, and sights can drive you and your band to craft new music. By doing this, you will gain recognition and involve your audience by asking for feedback after performing. Concrete feedback pushes you and your band to create strong foundations.


Final Thoughts ...

It is so vital to pay attention to what drives your band mates, what inspires them, what makes them move, what makes them get up early in the morning, what makes them smile and laugh, what makes them want to hang out with you. Always look for opportunities to get closer to your band members without invading their space but also by relating your own experiences to them. You may find that not only are your band mates inspired and motivated but also yourself.



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