Tips On Using Instagram Effectively As A Musician

Instagram is a social network tool where individuals get an opportunity to post their pictures. A wide majority of musicians do not know how to use this platform effectively for their benefit. As a musician, here are numerous tips on how you can integrate your images on Instagram as a social media strategy.


Reserve Your Name

Just like Twitter, you can easily access your account by setting up your band and artist accounts with Instagram. You must never use your personal account as your band account. If your band name has been taken already, try to set up an email account that’s different to your personal account.

If you are having problems when securing a username, Instagram has trademark policies in place; you can contact them so that they can give you an opportunity to reclaim your business name on Instagram


Set Up Your Own Profile

As a mobile application, Instagram will always allow you to add profile image (always try to keep similar images on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts i.e. for continuity) link and bio to your website. Take advantage of that and ensure that it is as simple as possible. Instagram recently launched a website that allows you to have web profiles.

Make sure that you log in with the right username and passwords; also ensure that the information that is on your profile is up to date and that the settings are set the way you want them set.


Sync Your Social Profiles

Instagram is a reliable visual tool; it’s a good starting point to use when posting to other social platforms. With Facebook, for instance, you can get an opportunity to share Instagram photos on your band pages. Here, you can ensure that the content is larger and prominent on timelines as compared to other standard posts.

Ensure that you have connected your Instagram with your Facebook, Twitter, and other third-party social media sites.


What's Your Story?

Just like other social media platforms, Instagram is just another platform where you can get an opportunity to tell your story. The advantage with Instagram is that your story is always accompanied by images. Before setting up your Instagram account, ensure that you have done research on what Instagram users connect with most of the time.

Look for other bands using Instagram and see what other fans are using to engage other people. Give your audience a tangible reason on why they should follow you.


Integrate Across All Platforms

Instagram works perfectly when it's synced with several social media sites; when you are posting on all these sites, it’s important to consider using a different tone. This allows the followers to connect with the entire band. You do not have to ask people to re-tweet when you have already posted an image on Facebook.


Involve The Whole Band

At some point, you will fall short of photo opportunities, but this does not mean that it’s the same case with the other members of your band. Make sure that you have allowed the entire band to access the account so that they can offer different voices and views. This allows the followers to be able to connect with the entire band. However, it's vital to ensure that this does not lead to too many updates or duplicate posts. Try to regulate everybody that is posting so that you can avoid clashes.


Engage Your Fan Base

Ensure that you are engaged on Instagram on most occasions; this is a social media platform, and it reciprocates. You need to follow your fans, brands as well as bands. You must like and make comments on their photos especially when they mention your band.

If somebody has taken a picture of your gigs and gone ahead to post it on Facebook, ensure that you have liked that post on Facebook as well as the photo that is on Instagram. You can even go an extra mile and have an album that is specifically for keeping fan Instagram photos. It’s also important to ensure that you have replied back to all comments. It’s always rude not to respond to comments.


Tag And Geotag All Your Photos

Like Twitter, incorporating the hashtags increases visibility. Make sure that the hashtags are relevant; the hashtags must have a tour name, a location as well as photo descriptors. However it’s vital not to go overboard; If your post has more than three hashtags, it does more damage than good. Adding locations to your images adds context to that image as well as the action that you are involved in.


Social media is a powerful tool, but it can only go as far as you take it. By using the tips above, you will be able to effectively leverage the site as a way to further your brand and your music.

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