A Closer Look at the New Riot Reloaded from Suhr

If you’re the type of player in need of a hi-gain rock pedal, look no further than the brand new Riot Reloaded by the guys over at Suhr. First of all, the Riot Reloaded is NOT a replacement of the original Riot – they are two unique pedals aimed at two unique sounds. They might sound very similar and even share the same name, but the two are nonetheless their own.

Over the years, Suhr pedals have become increasingly popular, finding their ways onto the pedalboards of countless guitarists. The original Riot itself has come a long way since its initial release back in 2009 and is still in high demand to this day. But for all its popularity, there were still some players out there who felt the pedal could use a few variations. By listening to these customer’s requests, the pedal-smiths at Suhr decided to give them what they wanted in the form of an alternate Riot stompbox. After countless hours of testing and modifying, the Riot Reloaded was born: and incredibly amp-like, aggressive tone savior that features 30% more gain than the original!



One of the great things about playing a really nice amp is its ability to respond to dynamics and touch.  Most pedals have a difficult time with this, but the Riot Reloaded achieves this in a way few pedals can.  Every nuance of your playing is brought out with its extremely dynamic response. 


The Riot Reloaded gives you over 30% more gain than the original.  The engineers at Suhr balanced the dual gain stages to increase saturation and upper harmonics, resulting in improved midrange articulation, more sustain, and a tighter three-dimensional sound.  With a simple twist of your volume knob, you can easily morph from mild chunk to full on metal assault.

Tone Shaping

The tone control was modified to emphasize upper mid frequencies for a sweeter, more cutting tone, without sounding harsh or fatiguing.


Amp-Like Dynamics and Response
Over 30% More Gain than the original
Modified Tone Control emphasizing upper mid frequencies for a more cutting tone.
Three Position Voice Switch - Provides Classic, Modern, Scooped EQ settings.

1) Essentially, the Riot is a bit more compressed with it's response while the Riot Reloaded offers more dynamics and a quicker response. 
2) As well, the Tone control on the Reloaded is more of a Mid Frequency control as opposed to an All Frequencies tone control that is present on the Riot.

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