Suhr Mike Landau Single Coil Pickups Review

Founded in 1997 by John Suhr, Suhr is responsible for creating some of the most highly regarded instruments, amps, effects and pickups in the business. And while they might not be as well known as Gibson or Fender, the quality of their gear can easily stand toe-to-toe with the best of them. Today, we're taking a closer look at one of the newer lines of Suhr's pickup business the Mike Landau Single-Coils. These Strat-styled single coils were tailor-made for tone aficionados.

The Features

The Mike Landau single-coils came about through a collaboration between John Suhr himself and legendary studio musician and artist Mike Landau (hence, the name). They took a close look at the various pickups in Mike's collection and focused on the parts they felt truly reflected the best of that single-coil tone. In the end, they created a set that delivers big, rich rock tone, all while retaining the smooth articulation, high-end sparkle, and tight low-end that single-coils are known for. They are also Suhr's hottest single-coils available. Think of the Mike Landaus as that classic Strat sound only kicked up a notch. Features include Alnico V magnets, a braided cloth hook up wire and modified staggered pole pieces designed to produce a balanced magnetic field in order to better suit guitars with flatter neck radii and modern string gauges. Each pickup is also calibrated for their position, such as RWRP on the middle pup and a hotter bridge.

michael_landau_black_1_1_1_1Suhr Mike Landau Single-Coil Pickups

Neck / Middle / Bridge

Both models are available with Black or White pickup covers.The ML (Mike Landau) pickups offer a balance of tight lows, focused midrange and smooth top-end sparkle. ML pickups incorporate a modified staggered pole piece design to provide a even magnetic field needed to accommodate instruments with flatter neck radiuses and today’s string gauges.

The Sound

If you're a fan of that classic Strat tone but want something a little more modern and plenty of bite, you'll love these pickups. While they are definitely on the hot side, they remain true to the sound of classic Strat single-coils including amazing clarity, a focused mid-range, tight, warm lows and a smooth top end sparkle, only with a bit more punch than you might be used to. They also pair exceptionally well with most pedals, especially overdrive effects, allowing you to dial in your preferred amount of grit while retaining a good amount of articulation and string-to-string clarity. They are definitely made for players that like their rock tone on the classic side but with a bit more attitude and don't necessarily want the sound of humbuckers.

Final Thoughts ...

If you're a fan single-coil tones and wouldn't mind a bit more punch and attack than a typical set, do yourself and your guitar a favor and check out the Suhr Mike Landau pickups. These are definitely some of the best out there and fall in line with the high-quality, handcrafted feel that Suhr products are known for.