A Few Of Our Favorite Acoustic Guitar Pedals

While many players feel that the most important aspect of an acoustic guitar's sound is letting its natural tone ring through as pure as possible, there's nothing wrong with using a bit of modern technology to change things up. Whether you're looking for a good preamp to smooth out some rough edges or wanting to add some effects for a completely different sound, there are plenty of great pedals out there for your acoustic guitar. Below are just a few of our personal favorites.

Aura Spectrum DI

proaurspc_3 (1)At its core, the Aura Spectrum is a high-quality acoustic guitar DI box but that description alone would severely underplay what this little box can do for your sound. For starters, it offers a chromatic tuner, automatic feedback suppressor (with three different notch filters), a universal compressor, three-band EQ, an effects loop with an automatic ground lift (to fight against 60 cycle hum), as well as a mute/bypass switch. And if that weren't enough, there's Fishman's impressive Acoustic Imaging Technology that allows players to mix studio-miked sound with the signal from their undersaddle or soundhole pickup. More than just a fully featured DI box, it is an acoustic guitar tone workhorse that will give you the same great studio-miked sound anywhere. If you're serious about your acoustic guitar tone, then you definitely have to check out the Aura Spectrum DI.


LR Baggs Session DI

Inspired by the LR Baggs Handcrafted Video Sessions and our experience in some of Nashville’s great studios, the Session Acoustic DI brings our signature studio sound to your live rig. The Session DI enhances your acoustic pickup and imparts the rich sonic character that you’d expect from an experienced audio engineer using some of the world’s finest studio gear. We’ve captured this studio magic and put it into a compact, easy-to-use DI that will transform your live sound.
Studio Tools for the Stage


Seymour Duncan Catalina Chorus

A chorus pedal is a perfect way to add some extra shine to your acoustic sound.

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