A Few Of Our Favorite Big Bass Sound Cabinets

When it comes to playing live gigs, you always want to make sure that your gear is up to the task. While small bass combos and cabs are great for small, intimate gigs, you're going to need the big guns when it comes to playing larger venues. With that in mind, we decided to take a look at a few of our favorite bass cabs that are sure to deliver that big bass sound with ease.

Fender Bassman 810 Neo

Leave it to one of the biggest names in music to create a modern bass cab that features plenty of wall rattling power, quality construction, and signature Fender bass tone. The Bassman 810 Neo is the flagship of Fender's bass enclosure lineup -- and for good reason -- as this baby should easily be able to get you through full-sized gigs with ease. Core features include eight 10-inch Eminence neodymium-magnet speakers, compression driver horn with attenuator, Speak-on and 1/4" inputs -- all of which are enclosed in a tough as nails yet surprisingly light plywood enclosure. Of course, if an 8x10 cab is a little much, there's always the Bassman 610 Neo, a 6x10 enclosure with all the features of the 810 in a slightly smaller (but still plenty loud) package.

Ampeg SVT810E

Few Brands are as synonymous with professional bass equipment as Ampeg.  Their gear is known to deliver a consistent, high-quality big bass sound that pros and weekend warriors alike count on gig after gig. And while they have plenty of options to choose from, one of my personal favorites is the SVT810E. Also known as "The Fridge," this 8x10 enclosure features the company's Infinite Baffle design which has been delivering that signature punchy, round yet articulate sound that Ampeg amps are known for since 1969. The SVT810E also features a premium, heavy-duty Baltic birch plywood construction and that classic Ampeg design that bass players are definitely familiar with. And as far as big bass sound goes, this bad boy has plenty of it! For players that absolutely have to have a no-compromise bass cab, I can't recommend the SVT810E enough. And like the Fender Neo cabs above, there's also the SVT610HLF for players for players that prefer a 6-speaker option.

Gallien Krueger CX410

While the GK CX410 might not come equipped with as many speakers as any of the cabs above, it still packs plenty of punch and enough power to get you through mid-sized gigs with ease. This 4x10 bass cab features the same articulate, versatile bass tone that GK amps are known for along with solid construction and a price point that makes it an all around great value. Core specs include special speaker drivers specifically designed for the CX410, featuring edge wound aluminum 2-inch voice coils, manufactured in GK's USA factory. This unique design allows the CX410 to deliver a surprisingly potent punch and detailed tone that you wouldn't expect from a cab featuring 10-inch speakers. While some out there might doubt just how loud a 4x10 configuration can be, believe me when I say that there is plenty of big bass sound packed into this 4-speaker monster!

Final Thoughts ...

If you can never have enough power, if very loud is never loud enough, or if you're just a fan of great bass cabinets, the five cabs mentioned above are all great choices. But it doesn't end there. Whether you're looking for a full-sized 8x10, a portable but powerful 2x12, or anything else in between, head on over to our Bass Amp Cabinet section and browse around. We'll be sure to get you a great deal on the perfect bass cab for your style.