Acus Sound Oneforstrings 8 Combo Amplifier Review


You'd be forgiven if you've never heard about Acus Sound Engineering, but if you're a fan of premium quality acoustic-centric amplifiers, speakers, and cabinets, you should definitely give them a closer look. The company is all about delivering amazing tone to acoustic players around the world. While they have plenty of popular products to choose from, today, we'd like to take a closer look at one particular piece of gear in their repertoire -- the Oneforstrings 8. Boasting the clarity, articulation, and a natural sound that is integral for acoustic instruments, this combo might just be able to set a new standard on what a great acoustic amplifier can deliver.

About The Oneforstrings 8

Acus Sound Engineering created the Oneforstrings line of amplifiers with one simple goal -- to provide the best possible form of amplification for acoustic instruments. So while the Oneforstrings 8 was made for acoustic and classical guitars in mind, it also works great on violins, cellos, mandolins and more. One way they managed to achieve this is by using multiple, bi-amplified drivers (much like active studio monitors) in order to give this combo a wide frequency response and a low slew-rate.

The Features

While the Oneforstrings 8 might not be the most feature-rich combo amp around, it definitely packs plenty of useful tricks up its sleeve. Key features include three inputs (two MIC-LINE and one LINE) complete with Peak LED, Gain, three-band EQ for each of the four channels, effects Send, and Volume. It also features an AUX input with dedicated volume control and its own 2-band EQ, two direct outputs (LINE and REC), a manual "feedback canceler" filter, a headphone output with dedicated volume control, and eight high-quality digital effects.

Other features include top-quality electronic components, custom processors, custom speakers, and class A output stages that are able to deliver a very warm valve-like tone typical of studio amps. Best of all, the Oneforstrings 8 can be used as a dual amp and PA thanks to the multiple inputs.

The Build

But it's not just the specs that got the high-quality treatment as the build of the Oneforstrings 8 is also particularly impressive. Featuring sleek, natural birch plywood panels and an overall minimalist design, this combo will definitely stand out on the stage or in the studio. Even the grill and knobs show the apparent attention to detail that Acus spent on designing this amp.

acus oneforstrings 8 acoustic combo


The Sound

What else can be said aside from the Oneforstrings 8 being one of the best acoustic amplifiers I have ever had the pleasure of using. If I could boil it down, I would say this amp features a big, full sound with plenty of clarity and articulation. It's beautifully natural, allowing the uncolored tone of your instrument to shine through and sound its best. There are also plenty of smooth, sweet undertones that permeate beneath the main tone. The lows are especially vibrant, featuring just enough weight and presence. Overall, this is an amplifier that must be heard in person to fully understand the quality I am talking about.

Final Thoughts ...

Featuring high-quality components, plenty of very useful settings, inputs and controls, a beautiful build and a sound that is just as gorgeous, the Acus Oneforstrings 8 is easily up there with the very best acoustic amplifiers around. If you're a predominantly acoustic player, the Oneforstrings 8 has to be on your radar. You'll thank me later!