Aerosmith Offer Free Download on NE Patriots Anthem

The "Legendary Child" himself Tom Brady*

now with  brand new Aerosmith team anthem! 

If barely – and I do mean just barely – inching out a win in overtime against the New York Jets (really?) yesterday is still leaving all of you Patriots fans out there reaching for those high blood pressure meds, maybe a little bit of therapeutic Boston rock should calm down those nerves.

You probably already know exactly the band I’m talking about – because who else is there when you mention Boston and rock in the same sentence? Alright, so maybe there’s more than one, but aside from bands specifically named after Bean Town, I’m talking about hard rock veterans Aerosmith.

That’s right – the Boston area natives have teamed up with the NFL’s New England Patriots for a custom team anthem as part of the Pepsi NFL Anthems program, a national campaign that is set to bring originally penned anthems to seven of the league’s best teams.

“This is a program the band and I were excited to get behind as it is a true representation of our allegiance to the New England Patriots and the city of Boston,” said Steven Tyler. “Hearing our song being played as the soundtrack at all the tailgate parties to every touchdown is a testament to all the diehard Aerosmith fans in New England... GO PATS!”

The featured track to be used for the anthem will be none other than a slightly changed cut off their new record – “Legendary Child” – who many out there don’t know but was actually originally written by Tyler as a homage to one Tom Brady.

Well, maybe that last part isn’t true but “Legendary Child – Patriots Anthem” is still a great rock song which is now officially available as a free download for all you Pats fans out there. To listen or download, simply hit the link right here.

"There's something about the word legendary and the words New England Patriots that have an amazing ring to them. We're excited and proud to be part of that," added Joe Perry.

Maybe the team’s current defense should be the first to get that memo on New England Patriots and legendary – still though – at least they don’t have Mark Sanchez at QB.




*Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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