Against Me! Singer Comes Out as Transgender

Against Me! lead singer Tom Gabel

Against Me! lead singer and rhythm guitarist Tom Gabel has announced his plans to make his transition from male to female, Rolling Stone magazine reports.

Gabel, 31, said in an interview with the magazine that he has long suffered from gender dysphoria — a condition characterized by a disconnection between someone’s assigned and perceived genders. The punk-rock singer said he will begin a series of treatments for the transition such as the administration of hormones and undergo electrolysis.

“I’m going to have embarrassing moments, and that won’t be fun,” said Gabel. “But that’s part of what talking to you is about — is hoping people will understand, and hoping they’ll be fairly kind.”

Before revealing the news to Rolling Stone, Gabel is said to have only told a “handful” of family members about the decision, including wife Heather Gable with whom the singer has a daughter with.

“She’s been super-amazing and understanding,” said Gabel of his wife, who intends to stay married to the singer.

Gabel is the highest profile musician to come out as transgender, although not the first as notes that ‘70s electronic artist Walter Carlos and Life of Agony singer Keith Caputo (now known as Mina Caputo) have both revealed their gender dysphoria and subsequent transition.



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