Ampeg Heritage SVT Series Video Demo

hsvt-cl_1 Ampeg Heritage Series SVT-CL Classic 300W Bass Amplifier Head.

Ampeg is well known for their high-quality bass equipment and their Heritage series of heads and enclosures are no different. Designed and assembled in the US from premium, high-grade components, the Ampeg Heritage series is not just a straight reissue from the company. Taking some of their most popular pieces of gear from their deep history, the Heritage series breathes new life into classic pieces of equipment while retaining the tone that made them celebrated in the first place.

In the videos below, Ampeg’s Dino Monoxelos demonstrates what the company cooked up with the Heritage Series, specifically the Heritage SVT-CL, Heritage SVT-810E and Heritage SVT-410HLF. He also breaks down all of the features and benefits as well as demos several different configurations. Be sure to check out all 3 videos!

SVT-CL Classic 300W Bass Amplifier Head

Built with high-grade components and meticulous construction, the Heritage SVT-CL bass head features premium tubes including the famed “Winged C” in order to provide unmatched tone and classic Ampeg EQ for great flexibility and control.

SVT-410HLF Bass Cabinet (4x10)

AMPEGSVT From Left: SVT-410HLF  and SVT-810E

The Heritage SVT-410HLF is the ultimate in full-range Ampeg tone made better with custom-made U.S. Eminence drivers. Built to handle up to 500 watts without sacrificing portability, the  SVT-410HLF is a great choice for both touring professionals and weekend warriors.

SVT-810E Bass Amp Cabinet (8x10)

The Heritage SVT-810 cabinet comes fully-stocked with eight custom-made 10" U.S. Eminence drivers and built for ultimate reliability. The Heritage SVT-810E delivers premium performance, top-notch quality and classic Ampeg tone in one package.


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