Aerosmith Talk About Upcoming Album

Aerosmith Live in Buenos Aires, 2007; PC: Wikimedia Commons

Aerosmith have been hard at work recently with their current summer tour as well as the upcoming release of their brand new studio album. Prior to the kick off of their Global Warming Tour featuring fellow classic rockers Cheap Trick, Aerosmith issued a single, “Legendary Child,” off their forthcoming album, Music From Another Dimension.

The band had recently moved the release of their latest effort from its original August 28 street date to November 6, a move that guitarist Joe Perry is thankful for.

“We’ve had all kinds of problems over our career, and I mean all kinds, and having to wait a few months for the new record to come out is the best problem we’ve ever had,” Perry told the Boston Herald.

It had seemed as though frontman Steven Tyler’s gig as a judge on American Idol would hamper any continuing scheduling efforts from the band but looking back, Perry is now on board with the whole thing.

“We worked the band’s career around ‘Idol,’ but that worked for us,” he said. “It gave us defined times we had to work, and I was already planning on being in L.A. to do some soundtrack work for TV and film. The timing worked perfectly, and lo and behold, we got to finish the record.”

Reports from early takes suggest Aerosmith may have gone back to the sleazy ’70s rock sound at which they excelled.

“People didn’t think we had it in us,” said Tyler. “But, by the grace of God, (producer) Jack Douglas was available. That first year I was doing ‘Idol,’ Jack happened to be working at a studio, Swinghouse, here in Hollywood, we did four, maybe five months with Jack, just like old times, and it worked.

“There’s no doubt he has a vision of how things should sound,” Perry said of the producer who helmed “Get Your Wings,” “Toys in the Attic” and “Rocks.” “We fight with Jack and with each other still. But if we didn’t, the album would sound like (expletive). We were trying to prove something, we were fighting over songs, but that’s how you make a great album.”



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