How To Keep Band Practice Feeling Fun And Effective

Band practice may sometimes feel like a series of tiresome episodes full of repeated mistakes. In such a case, it’s important to look for ways to make practice time more fun and reap its benefits. When musicians enjoy the practice, they will obviously put more efforts and improve faster. Therefore, whenever band practice seems dull and totally uninspiring, there is a possibility that the members will not look forward to it. They will find excuses not to attend and eventually there will be no more practice. The following are effective ways to inject fun into band practice time:



Have a well-defined schedule

A well-defined schedule enables the members to stay on purpose and focus more. The first thing a band should do is create a common email that every member can access and schedule practice time with regard to the member's preferences. Having done that, the band should also create a schedule for rehearsals. A well-though-out plan of the band’s events will ensure that the group is on track and is more productive.


Develop your own ideas

The members of a band should always try and put their own spin on different songs. Instead of doing it the same way over and over, have some fun; be creative and add unique styles.


Take a break whenever boring sets in

During band practice, the members may start to get bored due to long hours of practice without taking a break. Psychologically, the human brain is more productive when a person takes intermittent breaks. Taking a break for around 30 minutes or so, the crew won’t get bored easily when they come back to the business of the day as it could happen with continuous training without a break.


All cell phones should be off

The band members having their cellphones in their hands while practicing is a sure way to eat up valuable band practice time and lose the core agenda. With their phones in their hands, like it or not the musicians will be constantly checking on their phones between songs during the practice. As a result, it’s a good idea to put away cellphones until the band takes a break. It doesn’t matter what one is checking on their phone, any kind of phone checking distracts their members’ focus. All members should concentrate on the practice.


Limit guests

Band practice is purposely meant to improve the quality of the band’s music. If every musician drags along two or three of their friends, then the whole thing will be turned into a hangout session. Even if the guests are not interacting with the musicians, there is a likelihood that some members will be nervous, hesitate to communicate, and make mistakes. Moreover, the presence of guests in the practice venue may make other members feel a subconscious need to perform for them as opposed to trying new things.


Do not repeat too often

It’s not a good idea to repeat particular songs or music genre many times. Focus on doing the best only a few times and move on to the next songs or other parts of the schedule.


Adopt the idea of practice partners

Practicing together with other bands with similar musical interests is a good way to improve the band’s skills.



Final Thoughts

Band practice is supposed to be fun at all times. It's, therefore, important that the musicians avoid all things that can hinder the effectiveness and fun of their practice time. When music practice is fun enough, chances are that the members will stick with the music and get closer to their desired destination.



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