Band Tips: How To Earn Extra Money

One of the primary goals of any musician is to diversify his or her income. As a musician, you can perform shows over the weekend and do some national tours to get some reasonable income. However, apart from ticket sales and the live gigging; you can make a whole ton of money using the right tools and by being more creative. A musician should be aware that there are times of low income hence the need to be more curious to make extra income. You can do this by incorporating modern methods with the traditional methods. The following are some creative ways you can make money aside from gigs and merchandise.



Fan subscriptions

Once you have identified your target fans, you can introduce a membership portal where they can subscribe to your music as you do the live show. By doing this, you will have monthly income from those subscriptions. Also, fans can get to know your new music release early enough. In fact, you can create an application where they can be the audience at your live show. The music should synchronize with the live stage performance.


During the early stages of your music career, you can work with other musicians to do the gigs. This will help you gear your income add value to your music. If you make a deal with another music band, this could eventually increase the sales of your music CDs.


Digital Merchandise

Not everyone will buy your physical merchandise hence the need to incorporate that with digital ones. You can sell the videos, images, and PDFs. You can be at an advantage if you have a website. This will be beneficial to your fans who get interested in buying your music. Online retailers can play a significant role in your income generation.


Breaking out the new content

New content gives a hint to the fans why they should show up during the live performance show. New content should include premiering a song that is in your album. If you have a hit song, include it in an album which will make fans come in large numbers to listen. This is an excellent strategy since if your fans would like to listen to your new songs; they will buy the tickets to every show you hold.



Many musicians have been successful by employing this strategy. Here, you build a relationship with your fans to generate revenue. They will help you in funding other projects as they let other people know about your music. For example, fans may donate a certain amount for every album released. You can offer them early access to your music in exchange for their donations.


Online concerts

When you are performing on live stage, you can make your music available online. Broadcasting live shows will create a platform where fans who don’t make it to the main event can watch your live show. It’s a smart way of making some money. This will ensure that your die hard fans that don’t make it to the main gig enjoy the music. The proceeded from the online streaming is a good source of income.


In recent years, music sales have significantly dropped hence it pays to come up with new innovative ways to earn extra cash. Nowadays no musician makes money from one source of income anymore. Following the above tips will help you generate more revenue and take your music to the next level.



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