The BBE Blacksmith Distortion Pedal Announced


New Year means new gear! And the guys over at BBE do not disappoint. I’m talking of course about the just announced BBE Blacksmith Distortion pedal which is said to be deeply inspired by the hand-made stomboxes crafted by Paul Gagon in the ‘80s for the who’s who of hard rock. For those of you unfamiliar with Gagon, he was well known for designing pickups and amps for Grover Jackson and worked with plenty of A-list artists, from Jeff Beck to Steve Vai and tons more. He found that many artists loved the tone of Marshalls (I know, shocking, right?) but wanted a bit more grind than the legendary amps could offer. Though these amps could definitely go to the venerable “11,” these rockers told Paul they wanted to push it closer to “15 or 20.” That’s when Gagon designed his innovative LED-based distortion circuit which fed a 3-band passive PLEX-EQ on a classic Plexi tone stack. The end result added up to a creamy smooth hi-gain experience that stays true to that signature tone.

If that sounds salivating to you, then the Blacksmith has a lot to like! This distortion pedal expertly recreates the experience of Gagon’s early hand-made boxes but thanks to the miracle of modern technological progression, it delivers even greater consistency and durability! Blacksmith features 1% metal-film resistors, high-voltage poly caps, big, fat signal traces on a mil-spec circuit board and 1 MEG Ohm input which as many of you audiophiles will know is just like the input on a classic Marshall! When the added firepower isn’t needed, true hardwire bypass eliminates pickup loading so “11” sounds exactly like it should!

Check out the notable features below:


  • Gain, volume and passive 3-band PLEX-EQ controls
  • LED-based gain circuit for smooth, high-output distortion
  • 1MEG Ohms input impedance for proper pickup loading
  • 1K Ohms output impedance when engaged
  • 1% metal-film resistors for consistency
  • High-voltage poly caps for better tone
  • Military-spec circuit board for reliability
  • Blue status LED for high visibility and low power consumption
  • True hardwire bypass
  • 5-year warranty

    Although this baby retails for $145 (MSRP), you can grab one from ProAudioLand for only $99.99!

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