BBE Introduces the New and Improved Boosta Grande Boost Pedal

The new look of the Boosta Grande!

There’s nothing quite like a brand new pedal! BBE has just announced the release of an update to their Boosta Grande booster pedal and from the looks of it – from its sleek new paint job and smaller chassis – it definitely has a lot to like!

Just like the original, this updated Boosta Grande BG-20 doesn’t mess with the tonal balance of your amplifier – even when you crank it up with its max gain of +20dB (trust me, that’s a good heaping of signal boost) – meaning that you still get that tone you’ve spent plenty of time crafting, only with plenty more attack.

To achieve a transparent boost experience, Boosta Grande mildly rolls off some top end starting at about 1kHz, so when the tubes are driven harder the additional upper harmonics don’t get shrill up on you.

BBE definitely has tonal preservation in mind with the Boosta Grande which is evident by the pedals carefully crafted post-EQ abilities, preserving your both your guitar and amp tone. Boosta Grande’s 1MEG Ohms input is similar to the front end of a good Marshall or other premium tube amp, meaning that your guitar’s signal will be fully maintained without any degradation whatsoever.

In the middle of things, 1% metal-film resistors deliver consistent tone and a rugged mil-spec circuit board provides tour-proven toughness and reliability. When Boosta Grande isn’t engaged, a properly engineered true hardwire bypass means signal passes completely around the circuit, from input jack to output jack without a hint of loading.


You can check out the specs below!


Up to +20dB of transparent clean boost

1MEG Ohms input impedance

1K Ohms output impedance when engaged

1% metal-film resistors for consistency

High-voltage poly caps for better tone

Military-spec circuit board for reliability

Blue status LED for high visibility and low power consumption

Easy access battery compartment

True hardwire bypass

5-year warranty


Check out the product page for the BBE Boosta Grande right here!

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