The BBE OptiComp Compression Bass Pedal

ProAudioLand is excited to introduce the BBE OptiComp OC-5, featuring the same studio grade compression circuit used on their award winning BMAX and BMAX-T bass preamps – only now in a smaller streamlined package!


“We have been listening to our customers, and bassists seem to have the same complaint,

dynamics and gigging are all about compromise. Quality rackmount compressors are the best

sounding solution, but stomp-boxes are the most convenient and portable solution. With the

OptiComp OC-5, we have been able to marry the sound of a rack unit with the simplicity of a

stomp. We think this is the best sounding compressor on the market and we know bassists are

going to love it!” said Dave McLaren of BBE Sound.


The OC-5 features a beefy mil-spec circuit board with big, fat signal traces, 1 % metal-film

resistors and high-voltage poly caps, all backed up by a robust true-hardwire bypass.


Whether you’re looking to dial in a smoother sound, or want to keep the front end of your amp

from clipping, the OC-5 is the perfect for making your bass sing.




Studio-grade optical compression

Output and Threshold controls

1MEG Ohms input impedance for proper pickup loading

1K Ohms output impedance when engaged

1% metal-film resistors for consistency

High-voltage poly caps for better tone

Military-spec circuit board for reliability

Blue status LED for high visibility and low power consumption

Easy access battery compartment

True hardwire bypass

5-year warranty

The BBE OptiComp Compression Bass Effects Pedal @ $99.99

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