Beastie Boys Albums Reenter Hot 200, Crack Top 20

From Left: Adam Horovitz, Adam Yauch and Michael Diamond

In the aftermath of Adam Yauch’s death, several Beastie Boys albums have re entered the Billboard 200 chart including their seminal album, License to Ill, which broke into the top twenty this week. When the album was first released it became the first rap record to reach the top spot when it became the number one album in March of 1987, staying there for seven straight weeks.

Billboard also reports that 151,000 Beastie Boys songs have been sold through digital download this past week, up from 14,000 the previous week with the song “Brass Monkey” being the top seller, reaching number 48 on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart.

The other Beastie Boys albums to make the Hot 200 include Solid Gold Hits (#51), Paul’s Boutique (#56), Hot Sauce Committee Part Two (#107), Ill Communication (#109), Check Your Head (#124) and Beastie Boys Anthology: The Sounds of Silence (#141).

Yauch, also known by his Beastie Boys’ stage name MCA, died earlier this month on May 4 due to complications from a cancerous parotid gland.



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