Best Effects Pedals For Vocals


In regards to music, psychology teaches us that the most contagious effect is the emotion created in a room. When singers sing to their lyrics, an emotion is created, but more emotion can be added by adding a vocal that will improve the music and create a great impact. Vocal effects are used to add effects and processing in a floor pedal. The secret to create and make good musical effects is to know the right tool. A singer can take their sounds to a better level by using vocal effects pedals that enhance their voice, hence achieving good music when performing live. In order for singers to transform their voices, they need an instrument that adds atmosphere, space, and creativity. Some of the general effects used are reverb, compression, harmonize, auto tuner, distortion, octave, chorus, and vocoders.The following are the best general effects used:



Reverberation is the sound created in an empty space. By making a sound in an empty area, sound waves will travel within the space and then bounce off the walls before they come back to the ears. The echo that returns back to the ears can be characterized by the size of the room. Anechoic chambers are created by studio designers to create reverb-free rooms. A sound can be created from a specific location in order to exploit a sound in a particular space. Studio Reverbs are classified into plate reverbs and spring reverbs. Plate reverbs are also known as classic studio sound and they initiate the sound of a space that bounces the signal from a suspended metal plate. A spring reverb is common to a guitarist and it uses electromechanical device rather than the metal plate used by a plate reverb. But due to modernization, the modern studios have acquired the digital verbal processor.


2. Compressor

A compressor has an automatic level control that balances louder and silent parts when singing and hence it compares the difference in the volume. By turning up the vocal track, the lyrics are well understood and audible (words that are louder and heard).A compressor will turn down a volume when a sound is loud through a makeup gain knob. To balance the voice, gain reduction and threshold can be used to set and present the sound and hence a dynamic range is used to determine the ratio difference.


3. Harmonizer

A harmonizer creates stretched time versions in different pitches in order to combine them to an audio output by sampling audio material that is incoming. Harmonizers are applied to keyboards, guitars, drums, and of course - vocals. Most of the Harmonizers have effects like reverb and hence it can be wise to buy a Harmonizer.


4. Autotuner

An auto tuner can be used to modify, analyze and detect pitch in audio files, which means its perfectly suited for vocals. It assists a singer where he struggles to get through a song completely but some issues come in between the song. Singers set a scale or reference point and the auto tuner corrects the specific notes digitally.



Final Thoughts

In music, voice effect pedal enhances the sound of a live performance or even during a music production in a studio. The vocals explained above create a sense of creativity in the music industry so as to create quality sound and effects. All you need is to get a good vocal processor for recording, rehearsing and creating quality lyrics.



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