Billie Joe Armstrong Produces Album For His Son

Emily's Army

Billie Joe Armstrong’s 16-year-old son, Joey Armstrong, has an album ready for release with his own punk band. As reported by, the disc, titled Don’t Be a Dick, was produced by – you guessed it – Billie Joe Armstrong. “The record has a lot of youthful punk rock attitude,” said the Green Day frontman, who’s releasing the album on his own Adeline Records label. “They’re raw. It’s well played, has great hooks and is catchy as hell.”

In addition to the younger Armstrong, who plays drums, the group includes brothers Max Becker (bass) and Cole Becker (vocals/guitar), along with lead guitarist Travis Neumann. The band calls themselves Emily’s Army, in honor of the Becker’s 15-year-old cousin, Emily, who was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis as an infant. In fitting punk-rock manner, Armstrong and his young bandmates recorded the album in just four days at Oakland’s Jingletown Recordings studio. The disc will be released on June 15.

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