Black Sabbath Talk New Album, Offer Behind The Scenes Preview

Photo taken from Black Sabbath website with Bill
Ward  cropped out. Check here for the original.

We still have a few months until the anticipated June release of Black Sabbath’s reunion (kind of) album, 13, but while the guys are putting the finishing touches, they have released a behind the scenes preview of their latest project.

The full video will be released in full later on today but in the meantime, they have offered a 30 sneak preview clip of what fans can expect.

“The last time we were in the studio, all together, was 1978,” says guitarist Tony Iommi, referring to the band’s “Never Say Die” album.

“If you try to live up to the expectations of the past album, then you just fail dismally,” adds bassist Geezer Butler.

“I want it to sound current but yet still have that Sabbath vibe, ya know,” explains Ozzy Osbourne. “This Black Sabbath album is quite possibly the most important album of my career.”

As some of you might remember, the original Sabbath lineup held a press conference way back in 2011 announcing their intention of recording a new album, but soon after drummer Bill Ward chose to sit out on the reunion record due to contractual issues along with his ouster as the main touring drummer (he would have played more or less about 10% of the songs during performances, regardless of his involvement on the record).

The group brought in Brad Wilk of Rage Against The Machine to fill the chair in Ward’s absence.

Song titles revealed to date include "End of the Beginning", "Age of Reason" and “God Is Dead”.

In advance of the CD's June release, Sabbath will head to New Zealand, Australia and Japan for live performances starting in April.

Also, you can check out that behind the scenes sneak preview below.

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