Blink-182 'Dogs Eating Dogs' EP Due Out December 18

FL: Tom Delonge, Travis Barker and Mark Hoppus

Happy Tuesday everyone!  The holiday season is revving  up and its almost time to scramble out and buy all of your loved ones that perfect gift, but what do you get the guy who needs to know what’s his age again? How about a new Blink EP!

Last week, we broke news that pop-punk veterans Blink-182were planning to release a brand new EP just in time for Christmas. Well, the boys are back with plenty more details on their brand new project!

The new EP, entitled Dogs Eating Dogs, will feature five new Blink songs and will be available in three different holiday inspired bundles that you can snag beginning December 18th.

The EP itself was independently recorded by the band at guitarist Tom DeLonge’s ‘Neverpants Ranch’ studio in San Diego and at drummer Travis Barker’s ‘Opra Music Studios’ in Los Angeles between October and early November. The record will also be independently released – the first time the band has done so in 20 years.

"We're very excited about the dogs eating dogs EP,” said bassist Mark Hoppus. “These songs didn't even exist a few weeks ago, they were just ideas. And now they're about to be released. Being independent, we have the freedom and ability to record and release new music when and how we want."

There you have it – more Blink just in time for the holidays in less than a month!

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